IMG_3452 For this Action Policy course we looked at Human Rights. For the action project we were required to choose an organization to promote Human Rights. We were then to complete three hours of service work for this organization. After completing this service we were to write about our experience. Lastly we were to bring in an object, which in someway related to our project and/or explains our service. As my Action Project I chose to promote both children’s’ and environmental rights. I chose Global Citizenship Experience (GCE) as my organization. The object I brought in was a cup of dirt. Hopefully this peaks your interest. To learn more specifics of what might seem to be an odd choice please read the narrative below.

I chose my very own GCE because it is in every way an incredible example of Human Rights. There are too many to enumerate so I chose two – Children and Environment. Because of my personal knowledge and love of everything GCE I wanted to make the outside and inside building as welcoming and inviting as the community is at GCE. GCE is the incredible community it is because of the people. Students, teachers, counselors, parents, principals all live, breathe and teach Human Rights. I wanted to help make GCE a place that all who passed by and all who entered could physically see the caring for the environment and attention to details.
I started cleaning out the kitchen. Washing and organizing dishes, cleaning the refrigerator and anything I thought could make area more inviting. I believe it is the right of all children to have a clean, healthy environment in which to eat, work and play – a place where they are safe. Following this I went to the locker area and did the same. Straightened, cleaned and organized.

One of the many joys of attending a small school is the feeling of respect. We get to know each other on a personal level, including the teachers. If something is lost, another student will most likely know to whom it belongs. If not they place item in lost and found. I have made many trips to lost and found and item I lost has always been there. There is a bond of trust I think is a human right. People at GCE are honest and kind. I believe this also is a Human right. In this small community students recognize the rights of fellow students and feel confident they will be treated the same.

Now to the cup of dirt. I spent time creating a more beautiful, environmentally friendly, inviting area outside of GCE to mirror the inside. GCE is a special place with caring beautiful people and I felt it should have that same feeling outside. I cleaned up garbage and litter and removed unsightly rocks from in front of our building. I tilled the soil to help start GCEs’ plan to build a garden not only adding beauty to our school but also a commitment to the environment and surrounding community.

The last service was to assist with a mock class for students considering GCE as their new home. This gives future students an idea of how classes are conducted, they can get their questions answered from someone who has been in there shoes and understands their fears. I truly enjoy conducting these classes as they have a chance to feel the energy and joy of current students. They see the caring of the teachers, the camaraderie. It gives me a chance to share my love for this school and GCEs’ commitment to them as people, not as a number. The cup of dirt represents the planting of a new way of life. How it will grow and what a wonderful environment this is to be planted and nurtured to start their lives journey.