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This project was about understanding the water cycle, and seeing it in action. I wrote a lab report explaining my experiment and everything I did in order to make it work. This whole process was important because when performing an experiment, you need to be able to take it apart piece by piece and explain why you did what you did. The experiment itself was important because it can help people better understand weather patterns the relationship between those weather patterns and water. I am proud of everything I did this unit. I performed an experiment in my own home and then was able to explain why I did each thing that I did. I am also proud of my understanding of the material in this unit. I learned that water can change from gas to solid without going through the liquid phase. I still do not understand how this is possible, but I learned that it happens through deposition.
This unit inspired me to learn more about water. I find it interesting how water gets to us, and then circulates throughout the world. Water is something I am definitely interested in learning more about in the future.

Click here to read my lab report:

KG_WaterCycleLab Report