For our third action project for the 162 course, we were given 5 baseball players for each student to investigate. The investigation was for us to understand what we need to look at when scouting players. The purpose of this action project was to look and use statistics to understand the overall value of baseball players. I was given 5 pitchers to investigate and decide which pitcher is more valuable. I learned a lot strategies in scouting a player by tracking their weekly and monthly statistics. What our teacher expected of us at the end was to decide which player is valuable looking at the stats. I decided that Yu Darvish from Texas Rangers was the best pick and valuable player. See below to find out why I came to this decision.


1) Justin Masterson
Is paid $5 million a year as of 2013 and play for the Cleveland Indians. He will be a free agent in 2015.

2) Justin Verlander (Tigers)
His salary is $20 million a year and is a free agent in 2019 but his salary will increase yearly because they say he is a stud.

3) Jeff Samardzija
as of 2013 jeff is paid around $2 million from the cubs and his salary in from the cubs is shockingly going down. he will be a free agent in 2015.

4) Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers
His salary has increase from 2012 where he was paid 7 and as for 2013 he is paid about $11 million. He will be a free agent in 2015.

5) Yu Darvish
He plays for Texas Rangers and his salaries has gone up high it doubled up from $5 million (2012) to $9 million. He will be a free agent in 2018.


I believe that Yu Darvish is the best and valuable player in 2013 for the pitchers I was given. I chose him because of his great statistics and low salary. Beyond that he is only 26 years old and performs unbelievably well. I believe that Clayton Kershaw might be the best of all my pitchers but I don’t think that I can afford to pay him $ 11 million because I can have an extraordinary player like Yu Darvish with a lot of love from fans. He is also gaining popularity which would be good for my team.

Rankings by:


1. Jeff Samardzija
2. Justin Masterson
3. Yu Darvish
4. Clayton Kershaw
5. Justin Verlander

1. Yu Darvish (age:26)
2. Justin Verlander (age:30)
3. Clayton Kershaw (age: 25)
4. Jeff Samardzija (age: 28)
5. Justin Masterson (age:28 )

1. Yu Darvish (age:26)
2. Clayton Kershaw (age: 25)
3. Justin Verlander (age:30)
4. Jeff Samardzija (age: 28)
5. Justin Masterson (age:28)