In my 162 class, for our third action project we were given five baseball players. Out of those five we had to chose the best players based on their stats and how much they make. It was all about player value. What we did was very similar to the money ball theory(spending the least amount of money you can for good/decent players. Basically getting the best bang for your buck). Below are all players, their stats, bio’s, graphs, and my rankings based on the info I found.


Prince Fielder: Prince Fielder was born May 9,1984 in Ontario, California. He played for the Milwoukee Brewers from 2005-2011. Prince now plays for the Detroit Tigers. His position is first baseman. Prince is married and has two children.


Robinson Cano: Robinson was born October 22,1982 in Son Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic. He started to play for the New York Yankees in 2005 and still plays for them. His position is second baseman.


Jacoby Ellsbury: Jacoby was born September 11,1983 in Madras, Oregon. He made his baseball debut on june 30,2007 for the Boston Red Sox( still his current team). He has received the Silver Sluggger Award, Gold Glove Award, in 2007 he become a World Series Champion, and many other awards.


Starlin Castro: Starlin was born March 24,1990 in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic. He debuted for the Chicago Cubs on May 7,2010. His position is a shortshop. He has received two All Star Awards.


Wilin Rosario: Wilin was born February 23,1989 in Bonao, Dominican Republic. He made his debut for the Colorado Rockies on September 6, 2011. His position is a catcher.


                        Most Expensive Player

1.Prince Fielder(23M)

2.Robinson Cano(15M)

3.Jacoby Ellsbury(9M)

4.Starlin Castro(5M)

5. Wilin Rosario($491,000)

Prince Fielder makes 23 million dollars this year. He deserves that money. He is not over paid. Prince has great stats all around; RBI, HR, BA, and SO.

Robinson Cano gets his bang for his buck. He receives 15 million and he is worth it. He is an awesome player. He has great stats all around, especially his BA and HR.

Jacoby Ellsbury receives 9 million dollars. He is overpaid. He does not have the best HR, RBI, and his BA is ok.

Starlin Castro is worth his 5 million dollars. Overall he has good stats and is a good player.

Wilin Rosario gets paid only $491,000. He is worth way more. He should be paid in the millions. He has good HR, SO, and a decent BA.

Best Value(Stats and Money Value)
1.Starlin Castro
2.Robinson Cano
3.Wilin Rosario
4.Prince Fielder
5.Jacoby Ellsbury

I based my best value on the 2013 and 2012 stats, as well how much the player gets paid. To be the best value you have to have good stats and a good money value. I ranked my players from best to worst value.

Best Player
1.Prince Fielder
2. Robinson Cano
3.Starlin Castro
4.Wilin Rosario
5. Jacoby Ellsbury

I based my rattings for best player based on the 2013 season stats so far and the 2012 season stats. It is ranked from best player to worst. You can see the comparisons of their stats on the graph I made above.