In the third unit of our Soundtopia course we had to investigate the different feelings you assoiciate with the different tempos. Examine the impact of beats and sample 2 songs that have a synchronize tempos. I learned how to pick 2 to 3 songs to make a mash-up sound either utopic or Dystopic. I am proud of learning how to make a Mash-Up and to see how it would turn out to be.

Here is my Artist Statement:



Rap Mash-Up

The purpose of this project was to Mash-Up 2 songs from either Garage band or Audacity to make the changes to see how both songs would turn out to be. We had to learn about the difference between Public Domain and Private Corporation and we had to watch a movie and to see if it is illegal to copy music or not. We had to listen to sample song, describe the beat of the song and whether either song sounds or feel utopic or dystopic. The things we learned from DJ-Carlos was that when you have one song on the top and cut out other parts of the other song  and put them together to see how they sound as a final Mash-Up. The songs that I chose to make my Mash- Up were I Need a Doctor Remix song Eminem (ft: Skylar Gray and Dr. Dre and Macklemore and Ray Lewis Can’t Hold Us party song. The final product of my Mash-Up is utopic because I used 2 very different songs and to see how they would work with each other or not. The beats of the Mash-Up are utopic because the remix is a base and the rap song is a mix.