This project is for my Soundtopia class. I am proud of my mash up and all the work I did on it. I learned a lot about mash ups and how to beat map. The purpose of this project was to make an original song out of two totally different songs.


The purpose of this project was to create a mashup which is basically two or more songs put together to make a new song. The purpose was to think of two or more songs and mash them up to create our own song.

In order to complete this project we first had to learn what a mashup was and how to create one. we learned that by having a guest that was a DJ come in and teach us. also to make the mashup we had to pick two or more song that can be mashed up together.

The songs i picked were the instrumental from with you by Chris Brown and the acapella from irreplaceable by Beyonce. I picked these songs because they are both soft and I wanted to try soft songs since most mashups are heavy.

In my opinion the end product is very utopic because it is catchy and the songs match up perfectly.

The beat contributes to making the song utopic because the beat is very slow and it sounds romantic.

The process of making the mashup was very long and tedious to work on. The part that was the hardest to me was picking two song that could mash up perfectly and another part that was hard was actually mashing up the songs.