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“U Kno We In Love”


For this project as action, our task was to create a mashup using a utopic and dystopic beat. The two songs I chose were Uknohowwedu by Bahamadia and In Love by 9th Wonder. The song by Bahamadia has a dystopic beat, in my opinion, because it is plain and way too repetitive, while the beat by 9th Wonder beat is actually utopic for me for the exact same reason. I was inspired to use two songs that were classic hip hop style, but I also wanted to put an electronic spin on it, which is what moved me to take the song in that direction in the second half. I also decided that I wanted to throw some new audio in the middle to liven it up a little, so I took a scene from the movie “A Streetcar Named Desire”. The process of creating this song was difficult at times, but I really enjoyed myself.

Check out my song below!