City By LF

The purpose of this action project was to understand the concept of tempo and beat matching. We dove deep into this assignment by creating our very own mash ups. I am proud that I was able to complete this process using new computer software that I had never used before. I discovered that beat matching is a very difficult thing to do, and sounds a lot easier than it is. I learned about how different beats of songs have a different effect on what mood and message the song is trying to get across. Read my artist statement below!

For my unit 3 Project as Action, our assignment was to create our very own mash up! The purpose of the action was to listen to the beat of both the songs and see how they affected the song when they were mixed. I am proud of the fact that I learned a bunch of new programs and was able to complete this project happily and on time. Our action project for Unit 3 was awesome. It was to make a mash up! We were to use two different songs, the vocals of one and the instrumentals of the other, to create our mix. The purpose of this project was to focus on beat and the impact it has on the way a mashup is made. In the process of completing this project, we had to learn how to use Audacity, a program that helps to mix songs together. We discovered that The first song I decided to mix was Midnight City by M83, and then I chose Bad Girls by M.I.A. as my second song because I thought they would go would together in a cool utopic way. When picking which song I should have as the background and which I should use the vocals for, I thought about which beat I wanted to be prominent and lead the mashup. In the end, I chose to use the vocals for Midnight CIty and Bag Girl’s beat. I feel like my final product is utopic for me because I like the way it sounds! The beats match up, making a utopic sound. Feel free to listen to my mashup below: