For our fourth and final Project as Action in Soundtopia, we all collaborated to create a mixtape for the graduation ceremony that will be happening in just a week.  The process of this project was that each person chose four songs they thought would be good for the occasion and presented each song to the class, which they voted on.  Whichever songs got the most votes were chosen to be added to the CD!  Once we had the two songs that would be a part of the mixtape, we wrote short artist statements about why we chose them and how either their beat, pitch, or timbre sets the mood for graduation.  This was a fun project to do because it was simple and we also get to see how people respond at the ceremony!  Check out my artist statements and songs below!

Float On

Modest Mouse

188 seconds

I feel that this song sets a calm, comfortable feeling of peace.  The beat is simple, fun, and relaxed but makes you really want to move it.  Not only does the beat play a large factor in the mood of the song but the words of it inspire and hit on an universal truth: “we’ll all be OK.”  Overall, it’s one of the greatest pick-me-up songs of all time.

The General


245 seconds

I have always loved this song because I feel it has such a unique sound and quality to it that I’ve never heard before with the crazy yet consistent beat and unique pitch and quality to his voice.  If you really listen to the lyrics, it’s an inspiring strong that inspires strength and morality in the toughest of times and when making a hard decision is sometimes the best one.  The beat to this song once again just makes you want to move and the timbre of his voice is so comforting and steady you can’t help but fall in love with his words.