This project is for my soundtopia class. The purpose of this project was to create the soundtrack for the graduation of 2013. In this project i learned about what songs would go into setting the mood for graduation and how to set up the space to get the right acoustics. I am proud of all the seniors that are graduating and I wish them the best in life.

count on me

The name of the song I chose is count on me and the artist’s name is Bruno Mars. I chose this song because I feel it tells people that they can always count on us even though they are not gonna be going to GCE no more.  I think this song sets a very compassionate and happy mood. It also sets the mood of friendship and trust. I think the timbre and pitch have a huge role in setting the mood for this song because as the beat changes the timbre and pitch change like when the chorus come his voice gets happier and funner. They can evoke a deep reaction or feeling and the beat is there to put it all together and make it sound more dramatic.



The song name is Fireflies and the artist is Owl City. I think this song set a very happy and joyful feeling and i also feel that the song made me feel free in some way. I think the timbre is just right in setting different moods. I think pitch has the most important role because I feel that the pitch of the artists voice sets off that happy and joyful mood. The beat also has a very important role because I think the beat gives off that feeling of being free by the very simple and steady beat like the steady thump in the start of the song makes me think of a woodpecker.