For our final project as action, we got the opportunity to help put together a mix-tape for our graduation. We chose our songs bases on our newfound knowledge of pitch, beat, timbre, and acoustics . I chose my two songs because they are both utopic for me in every way. They both have good beats and the timbers of both of the singers interests me.

Daylight – Maroon5 – 3:49

I chose this song because it is upbeat, but it has a sad undertone, owing to the fact that it is about spending the last few hours with someone. I chose this song partly because it is relatable, but I also think this is a good choice for graduation because it has a utopic sound to it. Adam Levine, the lead vocalist,  has a very unique, utopic, smooth, well rounded, high-pitched timbre and the beat makes this song fun and pleasant to hear.


Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks – 4:15

I decided to choose this song for the Graduation Mixtape because it reminds me of positive and good times. Ever since I heard this song, it has always made me happy. I feel like these feeling have to do with the calm, slightly high pitched timbre of the singer. The song has a nice medium beat, making it not too fast but not too boring. It is a very upbeat and fun song to listen to and its fast pace makes it entertaining, perfect for playing in the background when talking with friends.