For our 4th action project in Soundtopia, we were assigned to coordinate and align the music for the GCE graduation! We each had to pick two songs to put into the mix. The songs I chose were “Good Night” by Kanye West and “Alone” by XXYYXX. I chose these songs for different reasons, but I think they both work perfectly for graduation! Below are my two artist statements for each song I chose.
Good Night
Kanye West and Mos Def
The first song I chose to put into the graduation soundtrack is “Good Night” by Kanye West and Mos Def. I chose this song because of it’s slow timbre. It has a sad mood but a happy sound. Listening to this it reminds me of the last day of summer camp or something of that nature. The beat is not the most prevalent of the song, but it does a good job of keeping a good pace. The pitch of this song is high and stays high, part of what makes the song so memorable is that it never hits a low pitch. The timbre is screechy but very enjoyable. The timbre and pitch make the song what it is. To me, this is a perfect song for graduation or any sort of goodbye you may encounter.

The second song I chose was the song “Alone” by XXYYXX. I chose this song because I believe it is a song that can work for a graduation ceremony because of it’s relaxed mood and ability to blend into any situation. I find the beat to be a lot of fun. It move slow and uses different sounds to keep it going, which is a lot of fun to listen to. The pitch is extremely low, much like a lot of XXYYXX’s songs. The song never really reaches a high point which makes it a very relaxing song to listen to. The timbre is quiet and deep. I feel like this is a perfect song to play while everyone is socializing before or after the presentation.