For my final project in Policy we created a documentary about food deserts in urban areas of Chicago.  I created this documentary with SM, HP, and LN.  For this video we focussed a lot on Link Up Chicago, a program that tries to get farmers market vendors to allow LINK to be used, in exchange for a lower cost on products. This involved us going to a farmers market and interviewing the people working.  We had some great footage, great interviews, and we had a blast- you can see our video below.  

LN made a poem capturing the sense of our experience, you can read it below.

People walking on the ground, a ground full of seeds and weeds a ground desperate for trees. Trees where wind echoes like a curious hungry dog, that only becomes more hungry when a man bites an apple.  An unforgettable smell like garlic melting through my nose.  Making it difficult for me to smell anything else in the atmosphere, this is the farmers market.