For my final action project in Soundtopia, I was given the task of choosing two songs to be put in to the graduation soundtrack. Please listen to my songs and view my artist statements below!


“Duke of Earl”

Gene Chandler


I chose this song for several reasons– first, because I’ve always thought it would be a great song to graduate to. The song’s lyrics, while not necessarily relevant to graduating, exude confidence, accomplishment, and happiness. The timbre of this song it particularly utopic to me– I have always loved the sound of men singing in falsetto voices. Gene Chandlers voice is brassy and thick when it needs to be, and subdued but resonant at other times.


“The Mourning”



“I’ll be seeing you” by L’Orange, my second song, was an obvious choice in many different ways. First off, I love the beat to this song. It’s simple, but just enough to get you moving and/or bobbing your head. The sample used is from a song called “I’ll be seeing you” by Billie Holiday. I think that has a great message for a graduation, because although we’re all leaving to different corners of the world, we all know we will be in touch.