For our final action project in the Policy course, Students were given an option to work solo or in a group to understand better use of commons. I was happy to have the opportunity to work in a group. My group, SM, JH and HP, decided to make a short documentary, interviewing the people working farmers market. We went to farmers market to explore the actions taken to combat food desert in the urban area of Chicago. I learned that farmers market are trying to bring healthy food to all by working together with Link Up Chicago. Link Up Chicago is a program that tries to get farmers market dealers to allow LINK to be used. Below is my video and poem.

Farmers Markets: A Hoop Dreams Production from JH on Vimeo.

LN made a poem capturing the sense of our experience, you can read it below.

People walking on the ground
A ground full of seeds and weeds
A ground desperate for trees.

Trees where wind echoes like a curious hungry dog, that only becomes more hungry when a man bites an apple.

An unforgettable smell like garlic melting through my nose.
Making it difficult for me to smell anything else in the atmosphere, this is the farmers market.