This project was for my Food For Thought course. The purpose of this project was to construct a mural that would explain the four units of our course in four panels. In this project I learned so much about how much our food system has changed. I am proud of all the work I did in this project and all the information i collected for my mural explanation. You can click to see my full image and you see my written explanation below.




For my mural I chose to do a time machine traveling trough time trying to figure out how much our food system has changed over time. For the first panel of my mural I drew a lush field of plants to symbolize how back then people let nature take its course and did not tamper with the plants. Also I drew the sun high up in the sky to symbolize how it was a much brighter time for the food system. For my second panel of my mural i chose to draw the plants dying not only because this panel is named death but because we stepped in and started to spray pesticides and other harmful substances on the plants. I drew the plane spraying pesticides to symbolize how companies try to industrialize plants and other foods that would otherwise be natural.In my interview with a local farmer the farmer said that he does not believe in GMOs and other unnatural substances and that he does everything organic. For my third panel I drew the dirt dark red and brown to symbolize what we did to the dirt over the years from lack of treatment and care I also drew patches of grass to symbolize the wholes of  “bad things” in our food system such as bad pesticides and GMOs. I also drew the sky very dark to symbolize how it is a very dark and depressing time for the food system. For my fourth and final panel I drew my vision of what I think the food system should be in the future. In the fourth panel I drew the truck to symbolize the fast food and processed chain and the missile to symbolize organic foods making a comeback and rising to the top of the food system. I drew the raised bed because I think raised beds will be a thing of the future since they are making a come up now. And last but not least I drew the all organic sign because I still have hope that our food system can change for the better.