AW and I worked together for our last Action Project in Policy to start a conversation on our streets and through the internet about sexual harassment and victim blaming in our lives. We did this using the Slutwalk movement as an example, but taking our own spin on it. We designed our own mini posters (pictured right) to put up in our neighborhoods and available for others to put up in their areas. We wanted to create a physical message in the common area we were addressing- the streets. Though we gave people every opportunity to put up signs, we learned that it is often harder to get people to go out and take action than it is to get them to like our posts online. That being said, we are still very proud of what we did. We got over 70 people to like and reblog our posts relating to the event that we created. We are leaving the original post up, and we hope to keep getting the word out.

All photos are original and Creative Commons by AW and ZF.