In my Humanities class Policy, we worked on our final action project that was about getting our feet in the streets.  We had to align our self with an organization that was preserving a common. We were allowed to work in groups so I worked with 5 of my peers. Our common was Chicago streets and how they are being abused by many people who have turned them into unsafe places. We all had many roles, tasks, and jobs. Mine consisted of collaboration and partnering with the group along with keeping big picture in mind and keeping the group on schedule and efficiently functioning. I am proud of how my group quickly got on board and were willing to dive into this heavy debate about violence in Chicago. I learned a lot about what other organizations are doing as well as how serious the issue is and how it effects the entire city. Below i our group video along with some picture from our event we attend and helped with. Enjoy 🙂

POLICY PROJECT AS ACTION: Project Orange Tree from GF on Vimeo.


For our final action project in Policy, HM, GL, DC, GF, JP and CA worked together to prevent gun violence in Chicago through a youth-led organization called Project Orange Tree that affiliates itself closely with Lupe Fiasco’s foundation. Project Orange Tree is a campaign that wants to teach youth about gun violence and the roots of structural violence that perpetuate it. We got out on the streets and passed out buttons and flyers in neighborhoods around Chicago to help build awareness. In the end, we created a video with interviews that we conducted, footage of us around Chicago, a poem we wrote about gun violence, and other violence prevention efforts such as Cure Violence and the Chicago Police Department.