This post is about a mural I had to create for my Food For Thought course. What I was supposed to capture through this project was to show each unit of the course through by drawing pictures that connected and gave an idea of what we learned. I am proud that I was able to draw and paint my entire mural all on my own. I learned how to use watercolor pencils and then how to use them to make painting. I hope you read the rest of the post and enjoy the artwork I made. Enjoy!


     The first panel is Life. It shows that as time passes (clocks made of arrows that move) so does the locations and places that life exists. For example in my drawing it shows corn growing naturally one side of the body of water but not on the other. Below there is a clock pointing to a different time indicating time has changed. Now it shows farmers harvesting and working the crops on both sides of the lake.


     The second panel is Death. This unit showed the modern production of food. So to show this I drew the crop of corn, Some factories to show the food is processed, and then a little map with the Doritos sign in the US and then arrows pointing to where it it shipped/transported too.

image (1)

     The third panel is Decay. This unit was made for us to examine the true production of food now. What I drew to show what the current food production system is in The US is a bunch of factories creating huge amounts of pollution that is going into the air and into water killing the fish that live in it, I drew a huge amount of corn being sprayed with pesticides by a airplane that I have the word DEATH written on it, and a map that has the US with the word DEATH on it and arrows pointing to where the food is shipped to.

image (2)

     My final and 4th panel is meant to show birth. In the unit of birth we learned of ways to create a new food system that would allow us (the people) to have food sovereignty or rule over our own food!  The type of food system I drew was Biodynamic food system which is where you grow food in raised beds so that it is guaranteed healthy to eat, use compost for most soil and fertilizer, and have the garden planned to fit in whatever space you have. I also drew little arrows at the bottom towards a crown labeled food sovereignty because through this method you achieve food sovereignty.

image (3)