IMG_9449 We found the purpose of this final action project was to research a common and find how this common is being abused. Our working group for this project was CA, DC, GF and JP and myself, GL. We decided the streets of Chicago would be our common. We looked in depth as to how the streets of Chicago are more and more turning into a warzone. Although we did do much research, evidence of the escalating problem comes easily just watching the evening news. It is clear there is a serious problem and we went about brainstorming numerous ideas to the creation of a crime-free environment for citizens to feel safe in their community.
While researching organizations currently working toward this goal, we found Project Orange Tree. We interviewed two members of this organization who have personally been affected by the violence in Chicago streets and wanted – needed – to do something to bring about change. We then helped passed out buttons downtown spreading the word of the work being done by Project Orange Tree. Project Orange Tree is an awareness campaign educating youths about violence and its roots. They believe raising awareness of the root of the problem can slow down the epidemic. Raising awareness, citizens of the world first must identify the root of the problem then find ways to fix them. We created a video to show our entire experience.

Overall this was an enlightening experience I’m glad we had the chance to learn about and partake in this mission. I personally know people who have lost loved ones due to the violence on the streets of Chicago and it is nice to know there are people taking the initiative to change the safety of Chicago streets thereby working to make Chicago a safer more peaceful city.

POLICY PROJECT AS ACTION: Project Orange Tree from GF on Vimeo.

For our final action project in Policy, HM, GL, DC, GF, JP and CA worked together to prevent gun violence in Chicago through a youth-led organization called Project Orange Tree that affiliates itself closely with Lupe Fiasco’s foundation. Project Orange Tree is a campaign that wants to teach youth about gun violence and the roots of structural violence that perpetuate it. We got out on the streets and passed out buttons and flyers in neighborhoods around Chicago to help build awareness. In the end, we created a video with interviews that we conducted, footage of us around Chicago, a poem we wrote about gun violence, and other violence prevention efforts such as Cure Violence and the Chicago Police Department.