For our Food For Thought class we each had to create a four panel mural. This mural should have four different parts representing each unit we have covered in class this term.  Each panel must connect to the other and stand on it’s own. The purpose of this action project was to demonstrate understanding of four snapshots of agricultural history and envision sustainable food production. I am very proud of my  drawings for my four panels.

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“There are vastly more chickens raised for meat than any other kind of farmed animal and virtually all are factory farmed.” I chose a chicken as my main character in my story. I have four panels and each panel represents a different unit in our course. We studied Life, Death, Decay, and  Birth. I chose three main words that describes each unit and I will be explaining about them further in the report.

If you look at my image I have the first three panels drawn in black and white that represents the past. I chose the colors black and white because first it represents the past and also it represents the unseen or the blindness of the world. Where as my fourth panel is fully colorful and this is because its the unit that shows the future farming method. I chose permaculture as my farm technique, it is the type of farm where everything flows and relies on each other.

For my life panel I chose the word traditional, because the way the chickens are raised are in a traditional farm with the same methods over and over again.  For the second panel that is death, I chose the words factory, system, and global. I chose the word system because it is when the chickens go through all the machines and get chopped down, and this is a worldwide process. A great fact about factories and companies is that during 1950 to 1960 Poultry companies began to achieve total vertical integration. which is interesting to know and compare to our day now. As of for the Decay unit I chose Cooking, awareness, and alarming. It is basically alerting people from restaurant food and food they don’t know about. Lastly our last unit Birth I picked the words organic, local, and innovation. I am a person that refers to organic because I believe that they are healthier than GMOs. From an interview I conducted with Marc Bernard, who owns an organic farm. I asked about his opinion of organic farming and GMOs he said, “We can make more money with GMOs, but we will not get great healthy food”. This saying made me think of making my future farm all organic and a permaculture farm for the last panel. that was my poster and THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE FARMING!



Photo sketch by: MA

Photo coloring by: MY

Quote from : Eating Animals book

Featured image: Reed, Tim. (2013). MY