For our Food For Thought class we each had to create a four panel mural. This mural should have four different parts representing each unit we have covered in class this term. A few other contingencies are, each panel must connect to the other and stand on it’s own, and all the four parts need to add up collectively. The purpose of this action project was to demonstrate understanding of four snapshots of agricultural history and envision sustainable food production. I am very proud of mural for this project. At first I struggled with my idea for this project but then I worked it out and it turned out great.


ZP. “Food System.”2013.


Panel One Unit 1 Life: For this panel my keywords are: Orgin, life and history. To represent these keywords I drew a child looking looking up at the world because being a child is one of the earliest stages of life. Next are toilet paper scrolls as a fun twist on history scrolls, and the human body to show life. To connect to the next section I used speakers as legs on the body and had the next part of the speaker landing in the second frame.

Panel Two Unit 2 Death: My Keywords are: Impact, Transportation and Produce. The connection of the speakers and the body means this is what we’re hearing, is this what we want to hear? Then I drew a picture of a man holding a gun against the side of the rooftop building. This is to show us protecting the system that we live in. I drew a skyline because we’ve basically reduced our world down to buildings and concrete we’ve killed all things natural. Lastly I have a factory, that is blowing smoke into the next frame.

Panel Three Unit 3 Decay: My keywords are Revolution, Revelation and Investigate. This section is about us realizing the bad things that are happening because of us, so I drew a fire extinguisher putting out the smoke from the factory in panel two. I drew this picture to represent what we could achieve and “sail” to what is best, which is why i drew the boat.

Panel Four Unit 4 Birth: In this last section. I used a fisherman to catch a fish from panel three as my transition. My keywords are Equal, System, and challenge. I represented this by drawing three different pictures of ways we can improve a food our food system. Which include an organic grocery store, hunting (particularly fishing) and planting organic seeds. This amounts to the last drawing which is us with surplus food.