The purpose of this project was to create the soundtrack for the graduation. I learned about what type of songs would go into setting the mood for graduation and how to set up the space to get the right sound.




Vitamin C


I chose this song because it’s about graduating. The mood this song sets is sad because the lyrics talk about moving on and leaving your friends. The violin sets the slow and steady beat of the song.  Her voice is medium-pitched and her timbre changes throughout the song evoking different emotions; sometimes she is singing and rapping at others.  This is the number 1 graduation song!!


seasons of love



I picked this song because the mood it sets can be happy but at some points can be sad. The pitch and timbre play a big role in this song. The timbres of the different voices keeps it new and interesting and sets the mood at different points. some of the voices in the song are high pitched and  some are low and when they are all put together it sounds beautiful.