For our final project in 162 course, we were asked to create a game that will help people learn about specific charities. We have the choice of doing any type of game either a game that exists before or a new productive game that we can make. Me and my partner decided to focus on the NBA cares charity and what they do. Our game is the cups and penny game that we got from playing the first day of class. I am very proud of the final product that me and my partner came out with. I got to learn a lot about basket ball players and what they do, as where before this project I thought that their lives is only playing basket ball. Learn more about the game by reading our report below:

Hoops for Humanities!

This is a game that will be teaching you about the NBA cares and what they do to help their communities. This is going to be a simple game with simple rules that you can follow. Our goal is to get people to enjoy playing our game and at the same time walk away with some facts about what the NBA players are doing outside of their court.  We want people to see how a lot of their heroes are doing some work to have a better world. The purpose of this game is to make people want to help in their communities by whatever they can contribute. We looked at the NBA cares web page and we also gathered information from the United Nations Foundations website. One main thing that we learned is that no matter how famous you are or what position you are at work you can still help with many things and an easy one is making kids smile. Who are we to not help? David stern who is the commissioner of the NBA himself helps out with the NBA care projects like painting homes. Get that as an example and go out and help. The smallest thing you see is going to make a big change in our world.

Now lets explain our game, there are 10 basic rules that you have to know to play the game:

1- Players have to stand on the line

2-Three throws total

3- No help from group members nor the other group

4- Equal amount of players on each team

5-30 seconds to answer a question

6- Bonus question is 15 seconds, with doubling the points

7- distance is 40cm in between cups

8- Players are 50cm away from the table

9- Players limbs can cross the line but cannot cross the table

10-  No jumping allowed. Jumping in place is fine

I think from reading our rules you have an idea of what the game is about. Basically there will be four cups on a table and each cup will be labeled with a different number which is going to be 1 to 4. Next to each cup there will be a stack of cards that will include two questions, two facts, and a bonus question. Cup 1 will have the hardest questions and cup 4 will have the easiest. Also cup 4 will have the most points points, while cup 1 have the lowest points, you only get the points if you get the answers right.  Bonus questions will double up the points of your answer, you have 15 seconds to answer, however the other questions you will have 30 seconds per question to answer. I hope you enjoy the game and leave with great facts about the National Basketball Association players and what they do to the world, that will make you want to help.