For our final project in the class 162, we were asked to create a game of some sort. This game could be anything from a physical sport, to a card game. My group chose to make a puzzle. The catch to the game, is that it had to advocate and teach the player about the work a certain charity was doing. My partner and I paired with the Human Rights Watch, and created our puzzles with images and fun facts of three historical figures who were key in the fight for human rights. Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela were who we chose.

On top of the educational aspect of our puzzle, it is also a competition! There are 2 sets of 3 puzzles (2 player game). The players chose which figure they are competing with, and then the first to finish gets 2 points! Then you must scramble the pieces and flip them over, and then repeat the process to find the fun facts (for 1 point). Whoever has the most points after 3 puzzles is the champion! We hope you enjoy.

Here is our puzzle!