For our final action project in the 162 course, we were grouped into peers to create an interactive game that that makes a difference. Any game that was, board game, puzzle, dice, cards, and many others. My partner and I chose to make a trivia game that raise awareness for UNICEF. The purpose of the game is to promote and educate the player about the work UNICEF was doing. To create a game that is fun for all ages we had to do research. We made multiple choice questions to make the game harder and fun. In class we played a sample of this game and we noticed that many were not informed with UNICEF. To make the players interested in the game we had to make it competitive. Our strategy was to make the ones who know less about what UNICEF does or is to go to their about page. Researching and making questions was hard but I learned a lot in the process. To see how our game is like, scroll down.


Rules and Objectives

The reason this game needs rules is because it lowers the chances of cheating. We also want for you to have a fun experience playing this game.

Rules are:

1. There are 2-4 players in order the game to be played fast.
2. You must pick one card each turn to make sure there is no cheating and you can not touch the card when it’s your turn to play.
3. The opposing player must pull the card and read the question to you.
4. The winner is decided by the total number of points added together after the 30 cards have been pulled.
5. No peeking!
6. One person labeled “the banker” keeps the tally of total points for each player.
7. Any questions you get incorrect you will have to go to the UNICEF website and find where in the website you can find the answer.

The Game in Action
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