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This action project is all about climate change and how we contribute to it. I made a Slide Rocket presentation explaining how society contributes to the climate changes, and how they are affecting the earth. The point of my Slide Rocket is to inform people about what is happening to the Earth, and encourage them to take action to prevent further negative changes. I am proud of all the research I did in order to create this presentation, and make it as accurate as it could be. I learned about all the different aspects that are involved in climate change, as well as how impactful extreme weather can be. Even if you are not in the extreme weather at the moment it occurs, it still has an impact on you. Learning about climate change inspired me to do my best to reduce my carbon footprint. I will carpool as well as utilize reusable items, such as water bottles and Tupperware containers. Finally, I will donate to organizations helping with extreme poverty, as well as those helping people suffering after natural disasters and extreme weather.