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Street Math: Ratios

This unit in Street Math we were given the task of creating a slide show on yet another math concept. I chose ratios because I think that they are particularly prevalent to Urban Planning. Please view my slideshow below!

Policy: Feet in the Streets

In this unit my peers and I were given the opportunity to advocate for an organization that we believe in. When my classmate, DC, suggested that we work with Project Orange Tree, I jumped on board immediately. Ant-violence movements like Project Orange Tree in Chicago are such a necessity to the growth of this city. Read More…

Soundtopia: Final Action!

  For my final action project in Soundtopia, I was given the task of choosing two songs to be put in to the graduation soundtrack. Please listen to my songs and view my artist statements below!   “Duke of Earl” Gene Chandler 2:20 I chose this song for several reasons– first, because I’ve always thought Read More…

Street Math: Let’s talk Circles

  For this Project as Action we were given the task of creating a slide show on a particular math concept. I chose calculating circumference and area of a circle, because, although they are relatively simple concepts, they are very easy to forget or mix up! Enjoy my presentation below!

Soundtopia: Mashup!

“U Kno We In Love” GF For this project as action, our task was to create a mashup using a utopic and dystopic beat. The two songs I chose were Uknohowwedu by Bahamadia and In Love by 9th Wonder. The song by Bahamadia has a dystopic beat, in my opinion, because it is plain and Read More…