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Appropriation Continues

During our first term last year, we explored the art of printmaking and learned how many artists appropriated images to inspire their own work.  We explored the works of Andy Warhol who was notorious for his interpretation of pop culture images.  We then explored Mr. Brainwash made famous by Banksy in the documentary Exit Thru Read More…

Message to Our Folks

Returning to GCE, I feel refreshed and excited to exchange ideas on how to make this coming year the best one yet! As we discuss plans for this coming year’s curriculum, my mind is reeling on how to write creative and current lessons to excite the right side of our brains. Most recently, I was Read More…

What does your ventana look like?

Comment with the following:
Research Elements: shows statistics of change over time.
What do you have of these?
What do you need to collect?

Tour of Pilsen, Part Una

Our first field experience as civically engaged journalist to Pilsen was filled with beautiful, investigative questions formulated by the students, inspiring community leaders advocating art, and delicious food. We visited the roots of my inspiration for arts education, Yollocalli and their roommate RadioArte. We saw beautiful art and spent some time with Vanessa, Dulce, and […]

Tour of Pilsen, Part Dos

Tomorrow will be our second day as civically engaged journalists on the field in Pilsen. We will be visiting St. Pius School and Parish, Mujeres Latinas En Acción, Working Bikes Cooperative, Casa Aztlán and El Valor. As any well-seasoned, professional journalists would do- we are researching each organization so we can formulate worthwhile questions. Each […]