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GCE Voices Carry a PLC at Work

In Revisiting Professional Learning Community’s at Work (DuFour, DuFour, Eaker, 2008), the authors submit that there are four “pillars” around which a PLC is built: mission, vision, values and goals. These pillars contain essential questions, addressed when GCE Chicago High School students and faculty use 21st century ingenuity to demonstrate a PLC that works. While Read More…

Organizing Schools for Improvement

Wednesday morning, Northwestern University’s Kellogg Center for Nonprofit Management hosted a presentation featuring Tony Bryk, co-author of Organizing Schools for Improvement. Mr. Bryk recalled research from his book, including a study of two neighboring elementary schools in Chicago with vastly different trajectories. The case-comparison served as a catalyst for discussion about the need for schools Read More…

Understanding by Design

This spring, GCE educators are preparing students to renovate their recreation room (aka: wreck room) via multi-disciplinary lessons on urban renewal. By investigating scientific and mathematical fundamentals of urban planning, drawing upon literary and historical perspectives, and exploring artistic flourishes in progressive design, GCE faculty believe that students will be more likely to contribute in Read More…

For the Love of the gAAAme

Although “An American Argument” is not among GCE’s spring-term offerings, this beta-version, expandable, graphic organizer (https://popplet.com/app/#/20756) reflects my interest in planning and technology, and explains how Carlos Leite, Hiu To, Keziah De Fusco, and I organized at GCE last term to deliver the goods (waka, waka…).  


This  video compares GCE’s Fabric—its primary threads of interest—to elements of a layered diagram recently presented by Keziah De Fusco to her freshman and junior classes. The animation also introduces specific characteristics (Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work, 2008) that guide how GCE uses 21st century tools. Forthcoming entries will report on these expressions in […]