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The Adventure to GCE

May 25, 2011, by

The purpose of my piece is to tell the story of me going from Maine South High School to GCE. I used this stop motion to show my life from Maine South and how it improved. This process was very time consuming, but I had fun. I am proud I was able to express myself in an artistic way. The only thing I would like to improve is the detail of the slides, which I feel could be more. What I learned is how far I have come. I am having a great time and grateful I am here.

LN Stop Motion

April 26, 2011, by

The purpose of my stop motion is to tell a story without speaking and make it a clear story that anybody watching can understand.
I tried to tell my story from Winter term at GCE, with the field experiences we had.
I took lots of pictures to make people understand my stop motion.
I am proud of the lots of things I did to make my story clear, and I feel now I can do anything.
I learned that you have to write a story before doing anything and also make a list of things you have to include in your story to make it better.

HT’s Stop Motion

March 31, 2011, by

EL’s Stop Motion

March 15, 2011, by

DC’s Stop Motion

March 15, 2011, by

HP’s Stop Motion

March 15, 2011, by