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The Truth Behind Youth Drug Abuse.

February 8, 2013, by

IMG_2463In my Hurricane Season course we discussed that an unnatural disaster is something that is contrary to course of life. We then had to find an unnatural disaster and explain the effect it has had in our community. I decided to speak about drugs and the influence drugs have had on youth in my community. I interviewed three people who have been directly affected by drugs. All three interviewees had different relationships with this topic, so it was interesting how all testimonies blended together so well. After documenting the testimonies I then created a video. I enjoyed doing this project; I myself have been directly effected by drug use. I’m glad I had the chance to share these stories with the world. I hope people will watch my video and see the pain and damage drugs have cause to people in my community. Overall this project was a hard, this is a sensitive topic for me and by doing this project I felt like I was facing a fear of mine speaking about this topic. Along with the emotional part of this project being difficult I had technical trouble trying to put it all together. This project was difficult but im glad I got the chance to adress this problem hopefully people will watch this and learn more about the problem.

The Truth Behind Youth Drug Abuse from GF on Vimeo.

The Three by HM

October 30, 2012, by

This past week in my class CounterCulture we created Shout-Out or Invocation poems.  This process began with reading 3 well known shout-out poems: Shout Outs: The Blue Oneness of Dreams, Invocation, and Shake the Dust.  Out of all these poems, Shake the Dust is definitely the poem that resonated with me most because it was so relatable yet so inspirational.  Personally, poetry has always been a point of struggle for me because I never quite understood how to choose my words so specifically to create such a deeper meaning but this process really helped me to learn how to pick and choose, especially after workshopping. I think what I’m most proud of is that although I was so nervous about my poem and not very proud of it, I willingly shared it and ended up with a product that is very close to my heart.

The Three

This is for the cream colored stucco house that greets me
The staircase that is the first thing I see
My voice yelling “Tippy!”
As his paws scratch across the floor
Racing for a belly rub
His snorting of excitement loud in my ears

This is for my shoes on top of the armour
ever since they were eaten that one time
But that doesn’t stop me from wearing them

This is for the familiar walk to the basement I’m positive I could do in my sleep
The marble counters I’ve made baked goods on just about a thousand times
Making the sound of the oven a commonly heard beep

This is for the calming sense of familiarity when I walk into the basement
Bruce the $300 shark pillow awaits me
yet we rarely fight over who gets to lay inside
Because we all know we’ll get our chance

This is for the LoveSacs Aaron bought when they first moved in – his $1,000 spending spree

To the rule: No texting during Workaholics
You have to pay attention, you can’t miss one little thing

This is for spending hours in Vogt’s basement
Not having to say a word to each other because there’s no fear of “awkward silences”

This is for our secret and not-so-secret struggles
Rarely talked about anymore but fully understood
Binding us together in a way much different than we do with any of the other girls

This is for best friends
Sarah especially
Who stood by me
And offered me her home
Through Everything

Soon by HM

October 30, 2012, by

In my CounterCulture class we were introduced to the idea of this poem, “Imagining a Future Utopia”.  Immediately, I knew what I wanted to write.  Depression is a sickness I feel is often so misunderstood and it ruins far too many people’s lives because they aren’t able to see the light.  Personally, I’ve struggled and come out on the other side, knowing that with some hard work and genuine desire, the light will illuminate again.  I’m proud of this piece because it took real courage for me to write.  It’s so personal and real to myself but also so many other people and when it comes to depression I feel like often the darkness is focused on but not the beautiful light that brightens your life when you come out the other end, which is truly beautiful.

the days will not be full of darkness
but the light full of brightness
each day will not be dreaded
with an undeniable, unbelievable
feeling of sadness

the unknown will not cause worry
the all too familiar knot in your stomach
will not come when life is in a flurry

i will not know what it’s like to not be able to catch my breath
as my heart slowly breaks
and the tears hurry down my face

one single day will not feel like centuries
and the nights will not be sleepless
unless i’m busy at parties

my room will not be where i spend all of my time
a text from a friend will not be a surprising chime

there will be no judgements
no stigmas
no assumptions
all will be free
all will be welcome

Tomorrow will be better
and tomorrow will come

Truth About The Headlines

October 29, 2012, by

In our counter culture class we learned about identifying key elements that define the two different countercultures and investigate how different cultures influenced them.  For our second action project we wrote a poem about what we hoped a future utopia would looked like. This poem was more difficult that the first because I had trouble starting the poem and narrowing the broad imagine of utopias that I had in my head into only a few lines of a poem.

Who decides what is said?
and what is read?

If I was the one to decide
I’d  talk about what is not said
and those who’s stories never get read.

I would interview bus drivers, taxi drivers
and the delivery man.

I would speak to the people with no socks on their feet
who sit alone on the side of the street

See I would make sure to speak the truth
and tell the stories of those
who live in the shadows of society

If people believe everything they’ve read
it’ll just  get stuck in their head
Whether its a truth or lie
the story never seems to die

“Come writers and critics
who prophesies with your pen”
Mr. Dylan once said

I see change, truth, equality and peace in mind
I see stories of those who never get to shine

So now its time to change the minds
of all who look at the headlines

“I want all to shine
all to feel as if they were the stars”
That’d be my first headline

Who gets to decide what is
and what’s not important to the human mind
I can’t and don’t but if i did
im sure then people would have some hope.


October 21, 2012, by

For our second Project as Action in our Counterculture class, we were asked to write poems that could fall under the category of imagining a future utopia. This was really difficult for me. I didn’t want to write a poem that is silly and purely imaginative and because I don’t know all the consequences of social changes. I don’t want to impose those. I struggled a lot and wrote a lot of different drafts and different poems, but eventually landed here with this poem and am pretty happy with the work I have done. We were also challenged to create a photo slideshow that illustrated the meaning behind our poem within our main and sub messages, why we chose to spread this message and the themes from Punk and Hip Hop that inspire us. I used quotes from my poem and my feelings towards the poem to supplement the images. See it below my video!


i’ve always felt like i need to know how to fix things
but somewhere along the line i grew up a little bit more than i thought i did
and now i wake up from dreams that i don’t remember having
i don’t dream
i get by
we all

and i think people become like lines when they get older
they never really stay close together for more than a moment
they just touch and go,
if they touch at all
and sometimes they run close enough to call it love
but they let themselves get pulled apart
never fighting when it gets hard.
and when i look at everything around me
i don’t see a place where good can be
just a blur of fast faces
and it gets so hard to look it all in the eyes and still want it

but i do want it
and i want it just like this,
like this with hearts full of grief and long, grueling days
like this
so if i had one magical world-changing wish that the universe wanted to give to me
i would wish that we did what we could
and when we run dry,
we push through
letting someone else try and fill us up again
filling up the world with random acts of kindness
remembering what it means to wish and dream and feel full
i guess what i really mean is
i wish people weren’t lines.

Imagining a Future Utopia Poem- BR

October 17, 2012, by

In the second unit of our Countercultures class we had to write and perform a poem about a future utopia. That was the only information given to us and the rest was up to our imagination. I wanted to create something as original as possible because I knew that everyone will likely touch on some of the same problems in the world today. Thinking about what I would like the future to look like, I just started writing, and than my writing turned into a maze of words and stanzas. It soon turned into a game the reader would have to win. I am proud that my poem turned into this because it made people think and infer. Many poems have some kind of answer, but mine leaves the answer unsolved and asks the reader to simply look and find the answer for themselves, whatever that may be. Below is a video of me reading my poem and the written poem itself.


Are You Looking?


Look at a picture of the world without hate,
The fear you feel when you see a frown,
Disappears when the corners of their lips turn up, instead of upside-down,
You smile back with light in your eyes,
Like John said,

“The love you take is equal to the love you make.”

Start looking,
A world with no guns and weapons
No crimes to commit.

Subtract some funerals
And add more dreamers.

The picture in the back of your closet
Collecting dust and getting old,
Just like the ideas of the world becoming a better place,
In your mind.

Start looking,
Stop worrying about the time today,
And start worrying about the future tomorrow,
Can the air be clean?
The cool breath crisp in your lungs as you breath,

In and out.

And the stars,
Will they shine once again?
Every single one bursting with light,
Shouting at us that they are alive.

Alive indeed is what I’d like my child to be.

The pictures in your closet of the world renewed,
They can become true,
If you start looking.

Are you looking?

This is for You.

October 11, 2012, by

In my Counter Culture class we discussed the meaning of a shout-out/invocation poem. A shout-out poem is a poem in which the poet usually calls to and appreciates a person, place or thing. Most of these poems relate to the people who go against or are not “normal”. They speak about the forgotten, unappreciated or loved. I enjoyed being able to write a poem like this because it allowed me to get the chance to speak to all the people in my life and tell them that they are not forgotten and their actions which sometimes get overlooked but are never forgotten. In this poem I was speaking about my family and the struggles we’ve faced but how we preserver til the end and are always their for one another. My family is my life and I felt they needed to be reminded of the love I have for them and the strong bong we have as well.

Below is a video of me reading my poem

And here is my poem. Hope you enjoy!

This is for the stressed and the blessed
and others who caresses the power of love.
you certainly belong with me

For all those who put their fears in a box
with a bow on the top
and send it away.
you easily belong with me

For the people who put sunshine in their pocket for another day.
and those who don’t need sunshine to dance in the rain,

For the couple who strive to be man and wife
and have a hard time seeing the light,
And the beauty of every day life.
you officially belong with me

For the moms and the dads who’s struggles of the day
are over passed by the fast pace life they live,
and the love they always try to give

To the brothers and the sisters
and the little siblings
who’s brittle emotions are about to break
Because of the footsteps her family made her take.

This is for the simple people in life who make it worth wild
For the ordinary people trying to do extraordinary things
And the dreamers who’s minds are stuck up in the skies
you belong with me

You are not alone
And together we can become something bigger
than just you and me.

See you are not alone,
You never were and never will be
Because you belong with US.

I See You

October 10, 2012, by

For our first project as action in our Counterculture class, which explores counterculture through punk and hip-hop music and our own poetry composition, we wrote Shout Out or Invocation poems. Originally, I was very intimidated by this assignment because I didn’t know if I would be any good at writing my own poetry and was nervous to present it to my classmates and teachers, but worked on it and ended up really happy with the entire process and the feedback I received.

CA Invocation/ Shout-out Poem from GCE on Vimeo.

i see you

this one is for the worriers
for the vegetable lovers
the overthinkers and the overcompensaters
and the people who are never over the moon
but under it
holding their breath,
waiting to be lifted up onto a ferris wheel
circling up to freedom in the stars
i see you

this is for the second graders biting their nails down to the skin
for the helicopter moms and the whats-going-on dads
for the band-aids on nervous knees and hair ties to hold back crazy manes
for the maybe next times
the one word text messages
and the gum on the bottom of your shoe
i see you

this is for the take out dinners
for the list makers and rule followers
for the people who hold up their worlds alone,
the broken buttercreams and the expired gym memberships
for the frequent delete key users
who can’t tap on those tiny keys to write their tiny truths
for the people who set fire to their diaries and rip out pages
because every word inked is true
for the pencils you will never get back
and words you wish you said
i see you

this is for the people desperate to stop worrying,
standing too close on the ledge,
staring deep into the fire
consumed by any force that will sweep them away
i see you

this one is for the girl with headphones in
the apprehensive swimmer
the triple knotter
and the kid who will not let his peas touch their macaroni and cheese
i see you
i see you
i see you

Shout Out Poem by BR

October 8, 2012, by

In our Countercultures class we were told to write a shout out poem to whoever or whatever we wanted. The purpose of writing this poem was to express invocation and feeling towards whatever causes we wanted to adress. I had a really hard time writing this poem at first because I was focusing too much on the words that rhymed, and not enough on the rhythm or the message the poem was sending. Once I had finished my draft I went back and re-worked a lot of it, cutting sentences and and stanzas that didn’t fit or sound right, re-reading it over and over again until finally I was happy with it. Below is the final draft of my shout out poem.

BR Invocation/Shout-Out Poem from GCE on Vimeo.

Broken and Then Put Together by BR

Here is to the broken.
The bikes that can’t be fixed,
People who get made fun of for being mixed,
To the children who are ten, but want to be twenty-six,

Here is to the broken.
The old ladies whose shaking hands can’t knit,
The household wives that get hit,
The drummers who have stopped their drumming,
To the people who keep running,
And the nightmares that keep coming,
Because they don’t know how to face the monsters IN. THEIR. DREAMS.

Here is to the broken.
The freaks who feel ashamed,
The innocent who get blamed,
The teenagers called “lame.”

For the butterfly with one wing,
Struggling to fly.

Here is to the puzzle piece that cannot find it’s right fit,
And the person who is about to give up,
But doesn’t.

Here is to the whole.
The fighters,
The babies who are biters,
To the brave who are igniters,
We need those humans that start great fires,
Because the flame MUST. CATCH. SOMEHOW.

Here is to the whole.
The non-stop believers
The dreamers,
To the kindergarten class full of beamers,
The college kids who call their parents on the phone,
The lucky one who wins the wishbone.
To the lonely ones who figure out they aren’t really alone.
Because we are NEVER. REALLY. ALONE.

Here is to the whole.
The ones who get back up after they fall,
The trees that grow tall.
For the go-getters,
The boys and girls who know better,
To handwritten letters.


You open the box, the pieces spill out,

Sort them,

First the corners,

Then the colors,

And last the sides.

Every piece has a purpose.