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Action 3 project DL

May 13, 2013, by


This project was about me going out to find a restaurant and comparing there food to a home cooked meal. What I learned was that my home cooked meal tasted a lot better that the restaurant meal. I can relate this to a time I had sweet potato pie at a store and when my grandma made a pie hers tasted a lot better.



Food For Thought


I’m comparing restaurant ribs from TGI Fridays to cooked ribs off a grill. In the process I wii be  using my senses. I will describe how the ribs, how they smelled. I will be also be talking about how this connects to Michael Pollan’s five food rules. I will also be talking about the different ingredients in the two different ribs.


Homemade Ribs

I’m going to start with the ribs made from at home. I bought my ribs from the store called jewels one hundred percent pork meat. I grill my ribs on a grill that I have in my   backyard. I use jack denials barbecue sauce from jewels. I cook it for about 30 minutes till the meat turns dark red.  I sometimes wait a little longer so the meat can get a little juicer, but after all that I sit down and ate them.


 Restaurant Ribs

At the restaurant TGI Fridays I order the one hundred percent pork baby back ribs. The wait for the ribs were about twenty minutes. As soon as I walked in they seated me. They brought  me water the after five minutes they ask to take my order and thats when I waited on my ribs to get down. The restaurants baby back ribs were juicy the meat was dark red like my homemade ribs but the had there own special barbecue sauce. They would not tell me what type of sauce it was. Also the ribs were diced up into small strips of meat. Unlike my homemade ribs they were hole strips of ribs, that mean they were pretty big.


Taste test


Homemade ribs:






Touch:rough, wet


Restaurant Test:


Taste: juicy,spicy

smell: salty


Touch: rough, wet,sticky


Food Review

While I was eating the ribs I could taste the sauce and they both tasted kind of similar, but the ribs at TGI Fridays the sauce tasted a little spicier than my homemade ribs, and it was also has that tangy taste to it like my homemade ribs do. This reminds me of one of the food rules from quality and quantity. The quality of the the food since I only made one rib the quantity was low because I only paid attention to only one rib and the quality was high because it was so good.




In conclusion  for the ribs from TGI Fridays were very interesting it was delectable and they ribs were made in a very different way from the homemade ribs that I made. My ribs were juicier than the ribs from TGI Fridays, But the service there was very good they treated me well and served me fast. It took me just as long for me to make my ribs just like they did as well. I just can’t believe that the ribs from TGI Fridays tasted just as good as my homemade ribs the so alike but they’re so different in so many ways.


Garden Plan BKJ

April 17, 2013, by

BKJ gardenThis project is for my food redux course. The purpose of this project was to make a blueprint of  a garden because in the future GCE is planning to cultivate a garden. In my research, I learned a lot about different plants and how they grow. In addition, I learned that plants need a sufficient amount of water and sun. You can see my garden plan and what it means above.


My Garden Plan:

The plants I chose to put in my garden were malali melon, purple dove bean, Rosa Bianca eggplant, red rubin herb, white satin carrot, Hokkaido Stella blue squash, sweet purple asparagus, hookers corn, ring-o-fire cayenne pepper, and all blue potato. I chose these plants because I thought they were very unique and they would make the garden look extraordinary. Also I chose these plants because I thought they would taste  delicious and they are not usually found in stores. Not to mention these plants are good for people to eat.

Having a garden is the most environmentally healthy way to grow food. Growing your own food is perfect because you cut out the middle man and you don’t need to deal with the GMOs and other unnatural substances  they put in plant foods, not to mention it is fresher. Planting your own garden is also better for the environment because there are less trucks on the road and soon there will be less air pollution too.

Click this link to see my Sowing & Harvesting Table. This table shows you examples of when you can plant certain plants and when you can harvest them.

This garden helps the soil by holding it together.  This garden helps feed humans because all the things that are planted in this garden can either be eaten or cooked with other items.


I chose to design the garden that wide and tall because I needed space to place a lot of plants. Also some foods take up a lot of space and some plants go good next to each other so they can cooperate together.