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Orbit Media Studio visit

May 11, 2012, by


Why did we visit them?

We visited these people because we are working on HTML coding.  Orbit Media Studios is a web design company.  We went to learn about their work, and how they use different technologies to design web pages for customers.

What did you learn?

I learned that OMS does not only work to get money, but they also want to make their clients happy at the same time.  They have many different parts to their business, like marketing, sales, deploy, web strategy, project management and many others. There are only 30 employees working there, but everyone does two things at the same time.

How did this FE support your learning in the course?

What I learned in this FE is that all the people in the company have different jobs, and their work is complicated because it has to be approved by the customer before they publish their work.  Also, they advised us not to worry in high school if we don’t choose the career we like now, we can still make a choice in college.

Where did we go?

We went to Orbit Media Studios.  They are web designers in Chicago.

Who did we listen to?

Todd Gettelfinger is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He makes sure that clients are getting exceptional service, financial goals are met, and the Orbiteers are happy.

Sam Ward is the web developer, working on the coding for the web.

Mary Fran Wiley is a web designer.  She works with clients to ensure that they end up with an attractive website.

Amanda Gant is working as the marketing and relationship manager, she manages client needs and pulls all the pieces together, finding the right people to execute them.



How to Make Tables in a Easy Way

May 9, 2012, by

In our GCE Catalysts class, we created how to videos of tips and trick about html. For example, I made a tutorial about how you can make a table in a fast and easy way. The program is called Tableizer. If you copy  any sheet from excel or any other chart making application and paste it in Tableizer, Tableizer makes a html code for you. Please watch my tutorial below to watch Tableizer.

How To: Use Emoticons In Html

May 8, 2012, by

For our GCE Catalysts class we created how to videos. My how to video was about how to use emoticons in html.`

How To: Use A Meta Tag

May 8, 2012, by

In our GCE catalyst class, our Milestone 1 was to create a How To video. My How To video was about how to use a Meta Tag.guins

HTML-FE to Orbit Media Studios

May 4, 2012, by

Today we visited to Orbit Media Studios to learn about how they build websites. It is located at 4043 North Ravenswood Chicago, IL 60613.They started it in 2001 doing flash, comic and game. After ten years they have been building websites services and are still doing so today. Orbit Media mission is to provide the best possible interactive marketing services. They do web design, search engine optimization, content management, application development, encommerce and analytics.

We met Todd Gettelfinger who is chief executive officer, his main job is make sure Orbit’s workers are happy and enjoy. Another of his main job is to make Orbit’s clients happy and make sure their clients get what they deserve depending on how much they pay for.

We also met web developer Sam Ward and web designer Marry Fran Wiley. Sam did build freelance websites and he does web codes. Marry is who got a job at Orbit from her own website and expert of designing website. Her main job is to design the website the way their client want and need.

From this field experience I learned how websites are built and how long it take to build one website. Building website usually take at least 2 or 4 months to accomplish the best website. I also learned how the website’s logo is created and how much you have to care about it. The web designers and developers don’t really care the logo but the website to be the best to represent well the logo.

FE Orbit Media

May 4, 2012, by


For our GCE Catalyst class we took a field trip to Orbit Media. Orbit Media is a company that creates web sites for other companies. We visited them to get an example of how we could apply the skills that we learn in this class in the real world.

From this field experience that even if you pick the wrong career you still have the chance to go back and learn a more skills. It’s really important to pick a job that you like doing because otherwise you will always struggle with it. Internet technology fields are just going to continue to progress and that it would be a good field to go into because there is always a healthy job market.

I think this field experience supported my learning in the GCE Catalyst class because I was able, to see and learn about another job market that I never though about entering before.This is important because I should be considering multiple job careers.

We went to Orbit Media Studios in Irving Park. While we were there we met with Tod, Mary Fran, Amanda and Sam. Tod is the CEO if the company he manages money,customers and day to day work process. Amanda works in marketing, she helps advertise. Mary Fran is a web designer she customizes the website to the customers taste; by meeting with them and keeping the updated in the process of building the website. Sam is a web developer he controls the technical aspect of the website. After hearing about all these careers,I realized that there is a lot of work that goes into creating websites. This matters to me because I think it’s important to see the skills we learn in school applied in life?

Our Trip To Orbits Studio

May 4, 2012, by

On May 4, 2012 the GCE catalysts team went to a Q&A with the Orbit Media Studio team. Amanda Gant who is the marketing and relationship maneger introduced us to the CEO Todd Gettelfinger.  Todd introduced us to Orbit Media Studios and explained the history of Orbit. Todd’s role in the company is to handle and work with the money and business and trying to keep the clients happy. One of the things he mentions was that the first year orbits, 2 people worked out of an apartment on flash. He also told us that Orbit has created website like, Gibson’s Restaurant and Fleet Feet. As he continued on with his presentation, he answered one of my questions, how many projects do you do in a day? He told us that one project takes about 10 to 12 weeks for certain companies, but it can also range to 10 to 12 months to finish a project.

We also talked to Marry Fran, who is the web designer for the Orbit team. Mary’s role is to create backgrounds and designs for websites. During her presentation, she talked about her past and how she got into the web designing business. For example, she told us that she was into fashion and all she wanted to do was make her own cloths. But, she got tired of it because it was more labor than creativity, so she wanted to do something that takes creativity. Mary ended up getting a job interview with Orbit and joined the team as a web designer. At the end of her presentation she explained to us that we have to do what we want to do, and she said it is ok if it takes time to find what we want to do.

Sam ward was the last presenter of the day, and he is the web developer/ coder for websites.  In his presentation, he talked about what he uses to code websites, which are PHP and Java Script. He also talked about being a developer for the website and what he needed to do on a daily bases. To end his presentation he was telling us that we should always ask question and to always be humble when you say you don’t know how to do a certain thing.

In conclusion I learned three mane things, never be afraid to ask question, never be afraid to show your work, and be humble if you don’t know a certain thing in web designing.

HTML-Orbit Media Studios.

May 4, 2012, by

Today for our field experience we visited Orbit Media Studios located near the Irving park brown line. We visited Orbit Media to better understand HTML coding and the field of internet technology.

During our visit there we learned a couple of new versions of HTML coding, .PHP and Java Script. Both of these different ways to code a website are more user friendly then the more classic HTML coding that we are learning. While .PHP and Java Script may be more user friendly than our HTML. Our HTML coding is the basis to coding almost any website therefore to better understand web coding you have to learn the HTML that we are now.

3 Things I learned while on FE is that the usual length of creating a brand new customized website for a company is around 6 to 8  months. I learned the two new kinds of coding .PHP and Java Script and .PHP coding is another language where it imputs the coding for you while you make the edits. which both are easier to use than regular HTML coding. The third and final thing I learned about coding and designing a website is that there are three different kinds of websites that Orbit Media Studios creates. There called marketing sites, custom applications and e-commerce sites. A custom applications site is a site that is completely customized from scratch. A e-commerce site is a site where you can make purchases the companies goods off their website. Some examples are, Amazon, Pacsun, Urban outfitter etc and a marketing site is a site to advertise a company’s goals or mission. It is used to get their company name out.

This FE trip helped to support furthering my learning in HTML by showing me how the top notch web designers organize and create their websites. Their insight, experience and tips for web design will definitely help me during my HTML course at GCE.

We had four main speakers talk to us about web design. Their names were Sam, Marry Fran, Tod and Amanda. Sam is one of Orbit Studios top HTML coders for their websites, Marry Fran is one of the top Website designers. Sam and Marry Fran are the two that bring their websites to life. While Marry Fran makes the websites visually appealing for the customers, Sam is the one working behind the scene to keep the website in order, making everything working perfectly etc. Tod is the CEO of Orbit Media Studios and Amanda’s role is the marketing off their websites. Tod’s role as a CEO is the day to day job of keeping the work place in order and to keep his clients happy and Amanda’s role at Orbit Media is to keep a relationship with her clients and to help the business with the job of keeping clients coming back for more.