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Interview with my Mom

May 25, 2011, by

I interviewed my mom for a few reasons: she knows a lot about me, she is someone to look up to, and she has very interesting stories to share. I included this piece because it means a lot to me. It tells some stories that I never knew about me, and I find it interesting. It made me proud to hear stories about myself as a baby, and as a younger kid. Also, hearing the names I could have been made me think if I would be different, or look different because of a different name. I also learned that I didn’t sleep through the night for about five years, which Is definitely something abnormal.

Entrevista con mi Madre

May 24, 2011, by

Este es JH estoy aquí con AH, yo hago unas preguntas sobre sus herencia Hispana.

JH Ventana & Podcast

January 11, 2011, by