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Milestone 4- Drama poem

June 5, 2012, by

The community that I chose was my friends community because I feel that is one of the communities I am closest to. Looking out for the whole in my eyes means to me to care about others as they would for you. Not always putting yourself in front of other people but, if you really need to you should know when it is right to do so. One important creative piece I decided to do was for my visual collage I created the face of a person, but out of the photos and drawings of things that pertain to the idea or theme of friendship. Below is my poem that I created. I created this poem with not only my words but with the words of others. To diversify the poem as a whole.



Friends mean so much, they can bring you up or put you down. They have the power to, entice, to revive, to destroy but a true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down. They look out for you through the dark and light sides of life. I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light. A lot of people go through life with only a few friends. That is why when you meet a true friend you will know. You will know this because, A true friend is someone you can count on to laugh with you, cry with you and be there for you through good times and bad. You learn who real friends are quickly cause Friends play a vital role in our lives. a Friend is a person with whom you can share all facets of life. That is why A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.



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Body Politic

June 5, 2012, by

For our Drama class(english & history), we did a poem or piece of spoken word for out fourth and final milestone.  We chose a community that we are present and invested in to.  I chose Family as my community, while trying to answer the question: what does caring for the community as a whole mean for you or what does being political mean for you.  Feel free to read my speech below.


It’s about family.  Lengths a family will go to, to keep another family member alive. Someone needed to take care of the grandmother of a family, so 14 year old Chris Martin stepped up to watch over his grandmother while his mother, father, and sister were at a softball game. We aren’t all equal and it’s okay, some will try much harder to keep families afloat. Just like Sergeant Kevin Anton held is 10 month old’s hands and knew he needed to leave the army for a safer career.  Returning from work, the veteran moves from ‘Intel Specialist’ to being a nurse.  Sometimes families just don’t get it.  A grandmother fell down the stairs while holding her 5 month old grandson, and that isn’t the worse part.  After going to the emergency room they found out that the baby was going to be severely disabled after the accident.  At this point the family sued the grandmother for failing to take reasonable care of the baby.

Milestone Four: Body Politic

June 4, 2012, by

The community I chose was Syria. I chose Syria because it means a lot to me. I lived there half of my life. I have had touched the warmth of the Syrian people. I care for the whole by helping others and caring for the community. I think my most creative choice was not using any of my own words in the poem I did this so I could challenge myself to find good evidence.

-”I am my homeland” “My land knows me and I know my land”
-”Syria under the leadership of President Al-Assad will become a model in the Arab world after accomplishing the reforms announced by the Syrian leadership.”
-we urgue all nations to work together to support the democratic aspirations of the syrian people”
-the conflict has become a war of attrition that grows more dangerous as it goes along
-we’re focused on how we help them be more unified, communicate more clearly, have a message to all their Syrian counterparts who are not yet convinced that it’s in their interests for
Assad to go.”
– “The Syrian army which still stands behind al-Assad, could fight back. It is a strong and powerful army.”
-”Who are you mr.President”- to use force against protesters would be more plausible than tunisia or egypt were.
– when presidents called for assad to step down, he was not only in prepared to lead, but even follow for the syrian opposition has drafted it’s own position in its own blood.
-”I personally have touched the great trust of the Syrian People in President Bashar Al-Assad, who is committed to carry out huge reforms in his country.”
People in Syria don’t deserve what is happening, I wish everything can go back the way it was and the people live happy and peaceful as they usually are. I wish nothing can change, the feeling of warmth you feel when you live in Syria the peace you feel when you talk to their people, and how safe you feel walking between them.



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Gender Equality: Conversation MY

June 4, 2012, by

photo by: Steve Higginbotham

For our Milestone Four we had to structure a conversation. I showed a video that shows my guiding question clearly. With that I asked open ended questions that involved opinions only so there won’t be right or wrong.I think I would ask more questions and make the topic clear so people can see both sides clearly. It didn’t really change because everyone had their own opinion, but it made me see others differently. I learned that asking open ended question will help the conversation move on with expressing people’s opinions.

Do you think what Mahmood did was right? why?why not? This is my guiding question. While I was watching a movie called, Not without my daughter. It was such an interesting story to me especially that it was a real life story. While I was watching the movie I was really interested in hearing other peoples opinions about what happen in the movie, That is why I chose the question.

For the class we will sit in a circle and let each person share their individual opinions and i will be challenging them with the reasons I have from my perspective.
My Action Plan I will show the trailer of the movie which is going to be an excellent explanation of the movie and my question. I will start talking about the story of the movie and saying the main points like, Mahmood is a doctor and he lost his job in america Mahmood they have been married for nine years
He swore to betty that they will be back
How you will help the conversation progress and focus in on your Guiding Question? after I explain the movie and my guiding question I will leave it to the students sharing their opinions. Along the way I will be challenging every opinion. How you will bring the conversation to a close: after we discuss we will ask them to write their opinion on peace of paper and then I will collect them and say them at loud anonymously.
You’re Both Sides–
Please lay out 3 possible and thoughtful answers to your Guiding Question,
explaining each option in detail (3+ sentences each).
1-my first reason is that he had his religion and his family and a big force from them
2-My second is that he wants his daughter to grew up in the community he grew up in and start learning the culture and the religion.
3-he lost his job and he found a good job in iran

Not Without My Daughter movie trailer.

Facilitating a Conversation

June 4, 2012, by

In our Drama class, I had to facilitate a conversation that has to do with gender equality. My topic was, Who should be hired, men or woman news anchors? The most effecting things in my guiding question was the part about if you were in the man’s shoes and you got fired because you were old and you need a hot looking woman anchor, how would you feel? The one thing I would do differently is have a video because I feel like my audience would have been more interesting. This conversation didn’t really change my mind because I always had the answers in my head. By facilitating this conversation, I learned that when you talk to a group of people, you always need to keep their attention. Please view my lesson plan below.
I want to start of the converssation with a qustion
Then I want to take a vote on what people think
Talk about why they voted that certain thimg
Take one more vote
End conversation with question

What Would Our Community Look Like in the Future?

June 4, 2012, by

In our drama class, we chose a community to work on and had to create a type of peom and collage to describe it. For example, my community was the city, and I choose it because I live in the city and  I was wondering why there was so much construction going on in one certain period of time. Then I started thinking about if any one was trying to reconstruct their building to be green. That is what my poem and collage was about, What Would Our Community Look Like in the Future? Would it be a greener city. We also had to describe and add phrases like looking out for a whole, which means a group of people looking out for each other. The most creative part in this epic has to be how I connected the poem to the bibliography. Please view my poem below.

I wonder why we use asphalt and concrete
maybe to be discreet with our feet (foot print)
Maybe I was just wondering why we have to have “green maps” these days
Maybe to provide a blissful day for us
Maybe to show us that the world is changing
We are showing that we care about it
But do you think they are doing this to scare us, I doubt it
They tell us that we have programs
but programs won’t cut it for us these days
To end this on a good note
we are currently a size 25
But our eyes see it differently
Do you think we can change?

Milestone 2-dialogue

June 1, 2012, by

The two characters I chose to work with Kate from Taming of the Shrew were Flava Flave and Brian Scalabrine. I chose these two because Flava Flave is a sexist person and Brian Scalabrine is openly a very generous person.

If I could have the last word in this dialogue it would be thank you to Scalabrine and I prefer writing dialogue more than a monologue. I prefer writing dialogue because I like to be able to control how people act and react in a play.


Kate, Scalabrine, and Flava flave are all in line at the DMV.

Flava Flave: Man, I hate the DMV.

Kate: Can you please stop complaining? You’ve haven’t shut up since I got here.

Flava flave: Well then, maybe you shouldn’t be here. After all women can’t drive anyways.

Kate: Excuse me? That’s unbelievably offensive!

Flava Flave: I think My clock says it’s time to for you to stop talking!

Kate: Do you know what I’ve done to defend my rights as a woman? Do you know the endurance of man and woman in the great streets of Padua? Do you really believe that woman have more rights than men?  Please enlighten me.

Flava flave: Bla Bla Bla. Have you seen my TV show? How many woman I have lining up for me? I am Flava Flave. My son has spinning rims on his tricycle. Women ain’t got nothin on me.

The man from behind the counter out of his space and joins the argument.

Scalabrine: Excuse me sir, if you keep your behavior up, I’m gonna have to ask to leave.

Flava flave: And just who are you?

Scalabrine: I am 3rd string power forward for the chicago bulls, Brian Scalabrine.

Flava Flave: Oh ya, I seen you, you suck at basketball.

Scalabrine: I seen you rap, you suck at rapping. And you’re sexist I don’t allow that. I think the world stands behind me in saying that we don’t allow that. Look at the history of women. How strong women have become, how long they have fought. From Suasn B. Anthony to Hillary Clinton, women have stayed strong. Read the texts of shakespeare. Women are people too. They’re tough like we’re tough, they grind like we grind. You have to understand that.

Flava Flave: Fine den, how bout you see me in a rap battle?

Scalabrine: Fine.

The names Scalabrine, you can call me Brian,
I’m gonna start rappin, you gonna start cryin

Flava flave: The names Flava flave, Im in yo face. they call me flava, you can have a taste.
Women ain’t right, women is stupid.
Women are for love, the rest, they’re useless.

Scalabrine: Before you start talk talkin, you gotta start thinkin.
Women are strong look at Hillary Clinton.
There is a future, we’re tryin envision.
A whole new world, men and women are equal.
Part 1 is done and we wanna make a sequel.
All of your lies, are corrupting the youth.
All women fight, like Sojourner Truth.
they’re fightin in the streets while I’m spittin in the booth.

Flava Flave: Dats it! I can’t take it. I’m leavin! I have been defeated. I understand my poor ways now. “I just want to say good luck with your life, your future, your goals, and your families..” Never again will I mistreat women. Scalabrine has shine the light in the tunnel.

Kate: Thank you Scalabrine!! I don’t think he’ll be sexist like that anymore! Now, Let me ask you all something. What does it take to sway your opinions? What does it take to sway a global opinion?

Milestone 3-drama discussion

May 31, 2012, by












The most effective thing for me to engage the participants in my guiding question was to relate to their lives in some way or to have them think about a time they have noticed this in maybe just not disney movies but the media in general.

What I might do differently next time would be maybe finding a shorter video so I wouldn’t have to pause it in the middle of it.

Yes I do believe that my guiding question has changed my views on what I believe affects kids views on gender from a small age. Before creating this guiding question and discussion I did not really think of children’s movies to have an impact on creating sexism or gender inequality but I can see that now.

I have learned as a facilitator that the best discussions are the ones where you can keep on bouncing questions off each other or base your next question off the previously answered one. Also bringing in both sides and maybe some examples from their own personal lives can really help provoke the participants to get more involved with the conversation overall.


The scenario is a video on youtube showing examples of how gender equality/sexism is portrayed in children’s films. It relates because it shows you the image the media creates for males and females at a young age

This scenario interests me because I feel that this really could be a big reason of way people from a young age can develop an image of man and women.

My conversation will be on the question, does the media from a young age create men and women to be sexist?

My type of discussion I will be conducting for my class will be a circle discussion.

After this I will the class doing the talking for a little. Basing some of my new questions off the responses of others.

How can you see that in children’s movies, disney movies etc?  give me an example.

Do you feel it may have had an effect on how you perceive or used to perceive men and women?

At the end of my discussion I will ask for the participants to reflect on what they feel and if their ideas of disney movies/ children’s movies has developed in any way.

My Drama Dialogue

May 16, 2012, by

My characters are Gloria Steinem, Kate, and Betty from the movie “Not without my daughter”. In the dialogue Gloria will be speaking about women’s rights generally and how they should be similar to men. Kate is directing a side where you have to be treated different and be a good wife for your husband. And Betty is standing in the way where she fights for her own freedom as a women mostly for her country.

If I would put myself in this dialogue I would say women should be treated different than men. God made women and men humans, but why did he make women and men? why didn’t he make only men? or why did he make a women different than men? Women are women and men are men. When there is a heavy job we say, we need a man here, why don’t we say we need a women here? But when we are at home and cooking and they are stuck, they say we need a women here. Why does that happen?
For this project we did a dialogue instead of a monologue, and it was easier because you can see different people, perspectives, easily because of the different voices.

Here is my speech enjoy it:


 They are all sitting on a table. None of them know that each person has a deep story about women’s rights.
Gloria: Hello guys how do you feel life changed from 1991 to 2012? 1591 to 2012?
Kate; well the whole entire world had changed especially women’s.
Betty:  yea I agree women and the world mostly changed a lot from the experience I had with my previous husband, but thanks god I got out with it.
Kate: Oh that is the same thing with me, but I had a confusing/successful life with my husband
Betty: How? tell me the story?
Glorie: That is really interesting I want to hear more about this since I have worked with women’s rights my whole life. Since you both had experience with your husband, tell me if women are supposed to be treated equally to men?
Kate: Oh that is cool, here is my story. So I was such a stubborn person that is mean and everyone hates in the city, I was a vex person, I was mostly jealous from my quiet nice sister. From my stubbornness I had to marry a man that wanted my money only. He made me taste everything I have done to others before. We got married  and he started punishing me, not respecting me, he just treated me like a slave in his house.
Glorie: and how can you not speak up or get divorced?
Kate: If I got divorced no one would want to marry me, I used to be a horrible person. I started to like my life though, because my husband made me see all the things I did for others. Towards the end I understood that I have to respect my husband. “Even such a woman oweth to her husband; and when she is forward, peevish, sullen, sour, and not obedient to his honest will”
Betty: this is the same experience I had with my husband but my story didn’t end like yours
Glorie: Kate you were not supposed to stand with your husband’s abuse, you are a woman and you have rights no matter what period of time it is. Betty please tell us how is your story different than kate’s?
Betty: Well I was married to an Iranian man, and we had a little girl. He knows that
I am against going to Iran but “he swore to me on the quran that we will go there just for two weeks so they can see our little girl.” me and him have been married for 7 years and we always had trust between us. I was afraid of going there but I wanted him to be happy so I went with him. When we went to Iran it was such a different culture and different people there. But the biggest problem was when my husband came and told me that he wants to stay in Iran forever.
Glorie and kate on the same time: WHAT!!
betty: Yes I could not believe that but I realized that I had no rights as an american women there. Getting married to an Iranian man means that I am an iranian citizen now. That was the hardest thing to believe I had to do all he wanted me to do but behind the scenes I was planning how to get out of the country without him knowing. The people I had to work with was they always told me to fetch and bring more papers. I am an American not an Iranian. I don’t care that I am married to an Iranian man. I want to be free again. The only legal way I had to get out was leaving my daughter and getting divorced. I can not leave my daughter I have to take her with me, my husband would kill me. Till I got to the U.S and saw the flag I  felt that I was a queen again, not a slave.
Kate: WOW! that was a hard story to live but I think you should have stayed with your husband no matter what
Gloria: So here I was a writer, lecturer, editor, and feminist activist. I traveled a lot as an organizer and lecturer and am a frequent media spokeswoman on issues of equality. I am mostly glorious from all the work I did with women’s rights. Both of you had experiences with your husbands in the past. And one of you thinks we should care about who we are and where we are from and not being forced by anyone no matter who, and the other one thinks that we should stay with your husband no matter what and do what they want us to do . Well I think that women are no different than man. How would the world be without us? My whole life I fought for those women who didn’t speak up who were afraid. You both should live as a respected wife with a husband that knows and appreciate what he has. You should never leave your husband, you should never live like a slave with your husband. I am not saying that the use of wife rule is to take over your husband’s job. be a respected women outside in the street, in your job, at your home, between your friends, with your husband, kids. The future depends entirely on what each of us does everyday.
Kate: what if you did not accomplish those goals and the only way you had to live is to do your work as a wife only?
Betty: What if the man you trusted was a liar? what if the only way to live is to live the way other people I don’t know chose my life for me, and they want me to be like them and forget about who I am and where I am from?
Gorie: then  would you both rather live as not well respected women? live your life with no husband? Do you both wanna live a bad life?

Everyone just looks at her and just shocked and decides to end the conversation in that moment. Here is the surprise. kate’s daughter calls her and tell her to come and pick her up from work.  


Civility Dialogue

May 15, 2012, by

In my drama class we were doing the play Taming of the Shrew and we have to choose three participants for a dialogue.

My three participants are Kate, Hilary and Abigail, these people have different viewpoints on their positions as women. Kate believes she should not be treated the same as her husband.  Hilary is fighting for men and women to be equal in under the law.  Abigail believes women should stand and speak for themselves, so their voices are known.

If I  were the one of them my last word would be that women and men are equal because eventhough everybody has different roles, they should not be arguing about who has the hardest job.  Each of them is meaningful.

I like the dialogue because I like when people have different opinions and you listen to others’ ideas.
Listening to my competitors.
This is happening in the restaurant

Should women be treated differently from men?

Kate: I shouldn’t  be the same as my husband because  he has power greater than me. My husband has gone around the world to look for food when I am just at home. “Thy husband is thy lord,thy life thy,keeper,thy,head,thy sovereign,one that cares for thee,And for thy maintenance commits  his body.”

Hilary Rosen: We should be equal with men because we do the same work. “I have no judgments about women who work outside the home vs women who work in the house raising a family.”What is the difference between men and women?
What is most important about both?

Abigail: The difference between men and women  is that women work very hard to raise their children and men just  come home from work and watch the basketball game.

Hilary: That is not true, because some of the men help their women not everybody feels the same way.

Kate: You are right Hilary, but most men struggle for good life for  their families

Abigail Adams: No we should not let men speak for us we should be stublem to ourselves for our voice to be known in public and everywhere we go. “Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the husbands ladies.”

Kate: we shouldn’t be shrew to our husbands,we have to find peace to one another.Why do you think we should treat women different from men?

Abigail Adams: Men are oblivious of us, but we should have right  to protect ourselves. because we do everything at home,carries baby for nine month in the womb, and wakes up at night to take care of them.

Hilary Rosen: If the  men are not there for us we shouldn’t be called women.They are there for us and we are here for them.

Abigail Adams:We shouldn’t be groom for men,they should  take care of us all the time because of all pain we pass through.

Kate: I should be courteous to my husband  and respect him.

Hilary Rosen: We are pithy to one another as we known.
Abigail: Thanks everybody for the great dinner we had together.