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Who Am I?

Dream Catcher – Speak Up

March 8, 2013, by

For the Who Am I course we created dream catchers. Below, you will a slideshow including the pictures of my dream catcher and my reflection. In our reflection we had to include: two vocabulary words from our internal investigation and two different types of conditional sentences. It was challenging to pick words that I could creatively use in your reflection. One thing I am very proud of is my dream catcher, because I worked very hard on it and I think it is very aesthetically pleasing.


Speak Up

The main idea of my dream catcher is to speak up. I got this idea from a dream in which I couldn’t be heard. I was alone in the darkness being abandoned and ignored. If I could have the dream again, I would have made my mom (in my dream) listen to me. I wouldn’t stop until my voice was heard. I shared my dream with my dream partner; he said: “If this were my dream, I would be frightened too. It is scary to think about what would happen if our voices could not be heard.”

My message is to speak up, and I wrote it on an envelope to exploit the fact that is is a message. When we speak, we are sending messages about who we are to the world. I covered my dream catcher in newspapers, because in a way we are alike them.

On the positive side, newspapers are a place where people can publish their thoughts and opinions. However, newspapers can also be a distraction to us.
The ads in them are confusing, they fill our heads with needs and wants that may be unnecessary. Also, the stories in newspapers can just be the words of superego, propaganda set on us by society. For example, when we sleep with the tv on what happens? Sometimes the T.V is in your dreams, just like reading something in a newspaper. It’s subtle judgements that crowd our minds and feed the superego.

But, we can can fight back. Step up and speak out, one way I do this is by participating in Louder than A Bomb (LTAB) which is an teen poetry competition. In my dream catcher, I represented this by taking quotes from poems and writing them on pages of books that try to fill our heads with the words from odious people. We fight against the written word with the written word, just like fighting fire with fire. Except the whole world is already burning.

The biggest fear that my dream catcher represents is being shut down, the idea that  people will prevent us from fulfilling our dreams, and will reject our voices. One way I showed that in my dream catcher is by taking my LTAB poster up and the dream map that me and my dream partner made, and I tore it into pieces. I then scattered them over the bottom of my dream catcher to represent people crushing our voice .

For the webbing of my dream catcher I used people paper chains. On the strings of people I wrote the question: How come I can only soar when you tell me I can fly? I wrote this to help identify that people only want you to speak when you are speaking their truths. One way I counteracted this in my project was to take pages of books and write on them. This shows our power to fight back and think for ourselves.


My Dream Catcher

March 8, 2013, by

In my Who Am I? class, I had to create a dream catcher and write a artist statement about it. In the artist statement below, I talk about the process of creating my dream catcher and what each part represents. While creating this piece I learned so much about dream catchers and what they represent.   Please look below at my dream catcher and artist statement to learn more!

photo (3)

(MML, My Dream Catcher. (2013)


Who Am I?

Dream Catcher

Materials – Pencil, Paper, Markers



The center of my dream catcher symbolizes the protection of my family and friends. The center also symbolizes my dreams and what I want to accomplish in my life and how I want to do it. The best part about the center of my dream catcher is that it is so light it takes out the darkness. I am most proud of the center of my dream Catcher because I believe that it represents me in so many ways like how I feel around my friends and family.


My dream catcher will also bring many great memories to me while I sleep. For example, I would love to dream about everyday things like basketball and good things that had happen that day. I would also like to dream about certain things that I am very passionate about like sports, basketball in particular. I try to symbolize all of these things by making the center of my dream catcher bright and open compared to the outside, which is black and catches all of the bad dreams. The outside of my dream catcher does many things other than catch bad dream; it also attracts negative energy away from the center of the dream catcher.


During a interview I had with my brother about a dream I had to focus on earlier in the unit, he showed me that using certain colors and details could really help define what I personally think what a dream catcher is. That is why I decided to draw my dream catcher instead of making a physical one. I felt like the colors that I used where very vibrant and really showed how I felt about dream catchers.


As I said earlier, I had an interview with my brother about a dream I had earlier in the term. He described the dream I had with many different words, but I felt like overall he used two words that I learned about in this unit, which is unconscious and resistance. I felt like he used conscious because part of my dream had to do with me thinking on my feet. He made me feel like that I had to put in some type of strategy in my dream to get out of it. I also felt like he used resistance because of the action that I took in my dream. In conclusion, if my dream had a title, it would be malice in the palace part 2. If I had a chance to go back in my dream, I would have been more protective of my friends and family.


Dreamcatcher – JM

March 8, 2013, by

This is a blog post about the magic of making a dream catcher and learning about its magic. The purpose of this piece is to show just how amazing the dreamcatcher and its power is. I am proud of being able to create this dreamcatcher because I am not very artistically adept. What I learned the meaning of a dream catcher on a normal basis and a spiritual basis and I loved learning both of these.

dream catcher foreal doe


     The materials that I have used for my project are paper, paint brushes, blue paint, white paint, red paint, and brown paint. These materials were used to paint a dreamcatcher. Dream catchers are not tools like many people of our culture today think. According to the native people who created the dream catcher, they have a lot of spiritual meaning.

The dreamcatcher is structured in a way so that the meaning of it is portrayed through however it is made. In my dreamcatcher, I have center that is created by a web that makes it look as if it moves into oblivion. I have it like this because I want it to symbolize the great mystery (what I believe is the ability to question everything). I had this weaved into the middle of the web because I believe that if we question things a little to much, we begin to loose the focus of our lives. My dream catcher has blue and white beads on it because I believe they symbolize the essence of peace, clarity, and calmness. The feathers hanging down from the dream catcher are the main passageway in which the good dreams flow down from the web. I have a web that is complex enough to catch the toughest of bad dreams/thoughts and to know to allow the good. I chose red paint for the web because I feel anger towards bad dreams and anger causes blocking of things and I also feel a color of anger is red.

My dreamcatcher symbolizes my fear that I want to block because my fear is the fear of questioning to much. I feel that my dream catcher truly blocks this fear. I feel this because the center of the web is the great mystery the reason for that is that my dream is supposed to not have to deal with bringing up really scary questions.

I feel that the dreamcatcher is a really strong elemental and spiritual tool. I feel this because I feel the meaning is to allow your superego to grow. The superego are the thoughts we previously pushed away and I think thats allowed to grow when you have a dreamcatcher because it opens the concious and unconscious because it allows you to have dreams in your unconscious that you want to remember when you are conscious.

I think that if I were to use this dream catcher, I would hope for it to let in dreams that at least have some of my fears in them so that my dreams enforce my acts of good. I would hope that the spirit of the dream catcher would see the source of the bad thoughts and let in only dreams that would aim towards me being against those bad thoughts and ideas.

Working on a Dream

March 7, 2013, by

For my Who Am I? class, we had to create a dream catcher for our last unit, Dreams. The purpose of this project was to record a dream, share it with a dream partner, and create a dream catcher. I learned a lot of things during this project but the one I am most proud of is the work I did on my physical dream catcher; I think it looks good for being my first dream catcher.

REED, Tim (2013). BKJ Dream Catcher; GCE Voices.

REED, Tim (2013). BKJ Dream Catcher; GCE Voices.

Artist’s Statement

The center of my  dream catcher symbolizes all my good dreams and hopes. I showed this in the dream catcher through the use of  bright colors such as white string, colorful beads, and tropical bird feathers. I also put a hole in the middle to let the good dreams pass through. 

REED, Tim (2013). BKJ Dream Catcher (detail); GCE Voices.

REED, Tim (2013). BKJ Dream Catcher (detail); GCE Voices.

The positive elements I want to pass through are my hopes of being famous and having all the good things in life – family, friends, and material comfort. I use colorful beads; each one symbolizes a different hope for the future: playing in the NBA, skateboarding professionally, singing professionally  or making money from my art. I showed my fears by incorporating dark colors in the middle of the brights to symbolize the bad dreams being caught in the web of my dream catcher.

REED, Tim (2013). BKJ Dream Catcher (detail); GCE Voices.
REED, Tim (2013). BKJ Dream Catcher (detail); GCE Voices.

If I had not read Dr.Seuss a few years ago, I would not have had my dream. My dream was about getting pulled into an evil version of a Dr. Seuss book where I was being chased by evil ‘Who’  characters and befriended a shy turtle who was there to lead me out of the book. In my dream sharing (External), my dad asked me why I dreamed about a turtle as a protector to help me run away from enemies when a turtle is a slow mover. My response was that my choice of dream content was something out of my control (my form), a part of my unconsciousness (Internal). There were also some things in my dream that I could  control, part of my consciousness (e.g. my movement). If I had not talked to my dream partner, I would not have the depth in understanding (consciousness) I do now. I owe my dream to Dr. Seuss and his great books, and my understanding to my dad.

Dream Catcher- BR

March 4, 2013, by

br dreamcatcherIn the last unit of our Who Am I? course we had to create our own dream catchers. Before this final step we had to read a series of different texts that define dreams, learn and understand the mechanics of metaphors, write down and tell someone we trust a dream we had, and finally create a dream catcher that analyzes and tells the story of our dream. While completing all of these assignments we had to also ask ourselves questions like what is a dream? What is a metaphor? And how may we find meanings in dreams? These questions were not easy to answer. They took a lot of thought and hard work to figure out, but in the end of this unit I was happy that I was asked them because I learned a lot about myself and about what my dreams mean.

The center of my dreamcatcher is a rock charm of an eagle that was a gift from my friend purchased from a store in Evanston called Daves Rock Shop. One of the reasons that I chose to put this charm in the center of my dream catcher was because it is made out of a gemstone called Turquoise. I was told by my dad once that if you were given a Turquoise stone by someone who loves you, that stone would protect you from negative energy and bring good fortune. The Turquoise is the symbol of friendship. I also learned that Turquoise carries great wisdom of basic truth within it, and it is one of the oldest stones known. This is a stone that a person must learn to attune to instead of the stone attuning to the person. When I read about Turquoise everything I learned brought me great comfort and it seemed fitting that it should be in the center. I picked the eagle because it is an animal that is strong, independent, brave, and has wings. In my dream I run away maybe it is because I am restless and want to fly from place to place on my own. When I think about the eagle in the center of my dream catcher I am reminded of my childhood self in my dream.

My dream catcher is made out of a wooden ring, blue leather, beads, a feather, string covered with beeswax, and the Turquoise eagle charm. The dream catcher is designed so that the positive wishes and thoughts get passed through the circle in the middle. The bad thoughts and nightmares get caught in the holes of the web. The light and dark colored beads around the eagle charm in the middle were meant to symbolize ying and yang. Like I learned in unit 3; doubt makes us stronger. The beads allow it so that some doubt and fears get passed through the circle because that is just a part of life.

The web itself represents the fears that I want to be blocked. I visualize my life sometimes as if it were a very long road with bumps and turns and stop signs a long the way, those things I can handle. What scares me the most about the road is the holes. The gaps in life that many people slip into and never come back from. I am scared of falling into these blank spaces and never becoming who I want to be. These holes represent a lot of misfortune and hardships in my life, but seeing them now on my dream catcher gives me some peace of mind for they have become what they really are; just spots I can easily jump over.

My Dream Narrative:

When I was little I had this dream about running away from home a lot and sometimes it would be different places I’d run to but it was usually an abandoned amusement park. The rides were still working though yet no one was there. I was never scared in this dream and no matter what I would always bring my stuffed animal bunny along. I slept in a roller coaster cart and ate candy pebbles. No one ever came looking for me and sometimes I would ride on this train that didn’t run on tracks.

Guiding Question Project- BR

March 4, 2013, by

I learned that the process of developing a guiding question is not easy. It takes a lot of thought and practice. I had to rework my question many times before I felt happy with it. There are many guidelines that make a question good and worth answering that I also had to follow and refer back to when writing my question. When I was looking through the guidelines I phrased them as questions in my head such as  does my question addresses the ‘heart of the discipline’ being studied? Is there  essential disciplinary knowledge? Is it open-ended, possible to contend, and arguable? Does it possess emotive force, intellectual bite, or edginess, and does it encourage people to engage in quality discussion? If I were to ask my question I would probably ask it to my friends and family first to see what kind of responses it gets and then ask to people I don’t know as well. It would be really interesting to figure out what other people are thinking because so far I only know my answer to my question. My question defines who I am because money has never been something that I base my life around and I hope it never will be.

Who tells your life story?

February 22, 2013, by

In my Who Am I? class we had to create our own philosophy and we did this by creating a guiding question that we believed in. I showed my philosophy through PowerPoint and I described why my guiding question could help people in high school and college. I am most proud of my guiding question overall, because it not only may help others figure out where they are going, but it also helps myself figure out where I am going in the future. I also learned that creating a guiding question is very hard, from making sure it is opened ended, to making sure that it fits the description of Wilhelm’s definition of a guiding question. Please View My PowerPoint below!

My Philosophy

February 22, 2013, by

For our Who Am I Class, we had to create our own philosophy. To do this we started with a guiding question, that we thought was worth answering. Mine was : How can we truly have self worth if we never know something for more than a moment, I chose this question because I thought it would be powerful to investigate. I didn’t know what my question should be until I did my external prep, which was an interview. I interviewed a former teacher of mine and her answers helped me form a good question. I was also inspired by Descartes who was a philosopher, he is most famous for ” I think- therefore I am.” The way I connected to him was by talking about how we can have self worth, and he often talks about self doubt. Our final project could be in three forms; an essay, a video, or power point  I chose to make a prezi which is below. The number one thing I struggled with was keeping my writing grounded, I have a tendency to be very metaphorical. One thing I am very proud of in this project is my drawings because I spent a lot of time on them. I really enjoy using original art for my projects because it makes my project more creative and unique.

What’s Faith? – JM

February 22, 2013, by

This post is for the Who Am I? Course and it will be about a philosophy I made all on my own. The purpose of this piece is to show that through questioning what we already trust, we come to a better understanding in faith and belief. I am proud of the fact that I could come up with a good enough question to create this piece of work because I really enjoyed it. I learned more about who I am, what I feel faith is, and how anyone can have faith.

Please read the essay in the PDF link below! I hope you enjoy it.

Doubt Essay – final version

Time Machine Buried Under Six Flags

February 11, 2013, by

This is an action project for my Who Am I course. The purpose of this project was to write a 500-800 word essay about one of my memories. The memory could be sad,happy or any other emotion. I learned that writing a 500-800 word essay is not as hard as I thought – when the topic is one of my memories, I  already have the memory, I just have to put it into words. I am proud of all the work I did and how my finished product turned out.



 MY (2013). Six Flags Fake I.D.; GCE Voices.

My memory is about my trip to Six Flags Great America. I was about six or seven years old when I went. It was my first time ever going so I was nervous. I remember when my family and I finally got to the park, we got out of the car and walked towards the entrance. I remember my dad paying the fee and going in. I remember when we finally got inside the park I looked around, and saw thousands of people crowding the whole park. I remember the smell of popcorn lingering in the air. I heard screaming coming from the roller coasters.

I remember this day because I was finally going to get to ride my first roller coaster. It was called the American Eagle. I remember the fear I was feeling at that exact moment. I felt nervous – my heart was pounding, my mind was racing, and my hands were shaking. I remember each step leading up to the roller coaster. I remember walking up the stairs, and then finally getting on. I was so scared, I felt like I was going to fall off. I closed my eyes throughout the whole ride until it was over. My stomach felt queasy and I wanted to to end. Finally it did. Afterward, I did not want to get on a roller coaster ever again.

One of the things I did like was the food. I remember waiting in line, smelling the freshly cooked pizza. I hated waiting in the long line, thinking I was going to be there all day. Then five minutes later, I was the next person in line. The two minutes that the person in front of me took to order food seemed like forever to me. Finally, I was in front. I ordered a pizza and a large Coke and finally sat down to eat. I had forgotten to order the fries. After another wait, I finally ate the food. It was so good because I was so hungry I could have eaten a horse.

Another thing I liked was going to the water park and jumping in the water. I rode some of the water rides and I loved that part of the day the most because I love to swim. It was 95 degrees outside and I felt like I was on fire. When I first got in the water, it was freezing cold, but it felt so refreshing. I never wanted to leave.

I picked this particular memory because it was a thrilling and fun day. It was my first time going to Six Flags Great America. It was also my first time getting on a roller coaster, which was a scary experience when I was six. Now, at age 15, I love to ride roller coasters and I still go to Six Flags Great America every year. This experience got me to where I am because it taught me to always face my fears. I practice this in my classes when I stay after school to revise my work rather than running away.