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Atmosphere Pressure

May 30, 2013, by









In my math and science course, Street-math, we have recently looked at atmosphere. For my project I choose an equation that measures atmospheric pressures at different heights. I think this issue really is important for me because I live in Chicago where we are known for our tall buildings. I also think this important when thinking about the change in air pressures as I move from Chicago to L.A.  I am really proud of the way I was able to connect the math and the science. It was difficult understanding the different letters and what they stand for. Overall I enjoyed this project and below you can find a slideshow that explains my process and results. Enjoy 🙂


Pascal Triangle

May 13, 2013, by

In my math and science class we are looking at math problems and their relationship to urban planning. For my project I chose to look at the Pascal Triangle. The Pascal Triangle is really fascinated and the amount of patterns in it is mind blowing. I connected the math of binomials to the engineering process for blueprints in urban planning as well as probabilities and pattern recognition. Below is a slideshow with my findings. Enjoy :)!


Bridging It Together~DC~

April 19, 2013, by

Our first action project in Urban Redux was to build a bridge. My group decided to use bamboo for it’s well known strength. First we calculated the dimensions of the joints and members. With the proper calculations completed we began to construct the bridge. We used guerrilla glue and duct tape to piece together our bridge. Once it was completed we tested the durability of our bridge with books. t held 12 books weighing 23 pounds. We learned about Newton’s laws, bridge parts, stability and equations used to find out if the bridge will be stable enough.I’m proud of the work we individually and as a group. I feel like everyone had a role and did a great job at it. Below is the video from our test run. Enjoy 🙂


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~Digital Memory Chip~DC

March 8, 2013, by


In my light and sound class, we are studying time telling devices in the past, present, and future. We studied the sun dial among other time telling devices.Then my class had to come up with ideas for our own time telling device. We went on a mental journey to the past/future and come back with a time telling device. I chose to go to the future in the year 3013. Through this project, I have learned a lot about things that tell or keep time. Many of those things I had never considered as time telling devices. I’m proud of my invention. Below is my research project that contains my invention and the details about it. Enjoy!

Radios for Ecuador

February 6, 2013, by

For our second Project as Action, we studied sound. We assembled our own radios and examined uses that they could have in countries around the world. My group looked at Ecuador, and explored how radios could be manipulated for the convenience of alpaca farmers. This way, in cases of extreme weather or day-to-day isolation, they can better communicate with one another.

The build process was pretty difficult and did not yield any results, but was interesting to experiment with and learn more about circuiting and how radios work.

Below is my presentation that further explains our process… Enjoy!