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Save A Glacier, Save The World

June 8, 2013, by

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KG (2013)

This action project included researching a glacier, and then creating a campaign to raise awareness about the issue of melting glaciers. I researched Exit Glacier in Alaska. This glacier is a very popular tourist attraction. With it melting, however, it might not be there much longer for tourists to enjoy. For my action project, I made a slide rocket presentation about the effects of melting glaciers, and what we can do to help slow the process. I am very proud of this project, and having come up with ideas to help with a current, ongoing issue is really special to me. I learned that glacial movement is natural, however global warming is speeding up the movement process. I was inspired to take action in many ways, and not only with regard to glaciers. If I see a campaign for a cause that I find important, I will do what I am able to in order to help. When it comes to the melting glaciers, I will carpool to minimize my use of fuel, and use as many reusable items as possible. This action project has changed and enlarged my views, and I hope that my presentation makes a difference.

Please click below to view my presentation:

Campaign Presentation

Climate Change-KG

June 8, 2013, by

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This action project is all about climate change and how we contribute to it. I made a Slide Rocket presentation explaining how society contributes to the climate changes, and how they are affecting the earth. The point of my Slide Rocket is to inform people about what is happening to the Earth, and encourage them to take action to prevent further negative changes. I am proud of all the research I did in order to create this presentation, and make it as accurate as it could be. I learned about all the different aspects that are involved in climate change, as well as how impactful extreme weather can be. Even if you are not in the extreme weather at the moment it occurs, it still has an impact on you. Learning about climate change inspired me to do my best to reduce my carbon footprint. I will carpool as well as utilize reusable items, such as water bottles and Tupperware containers. Finally, I will donate to organizations helping with extreme poverty, as well as those helping people suffering after natural disasters and extreme weather.

Escuela Timeline

January 30, 2013, by

For my Spanish course, (Escuela) we were told to create a page long essay in Spanish, about schools in the past, present, and future. We did each phase separately, and simply the three. We did many “external investigations” in the process. This includes going to St. Ignatious high school. The trip was entertaining and enlightening about how religion can affect the normal school. Overall this improved my ability to speak in one language and learn the history in another!

Timeline Dialogue
Mucho tiempo atras, escuela era un pequeno! Mi escuela es pequeno tambien. Escuela en el pasado era muy estricto. America tenia differente leyes! Esto significa nino se comporto. Yo haria no amor esto escuela, porque esta es la differente cultura. En viejos tiempos los profesores trabajaban solo. Ellos trabajaban con en calor, limpiar, etc etc.

Escuela cambiaban mucho. Nosotros tenemos muchos tecnologia hoy.
Nosotros podemos utilizar investigacion para trabajo. Profesores son muy bien a estudiantes. Nosotros tenemos calefaction para un invierno. Tambien, nosotros tenemos aire acondicionado para primavera. Paredes tener destruido. Niños de todos los colores aprender.

Escuelas van a ser cambiamos. Tecnologia es muchas mejorar, y no lo hara detener. Nosotros voy tener muchas mejor computadoras. Yo pienso escuelas voy muchas semejanto GCE. Todos escuela voy necesidad computadores. Yo pienso muchos escuelas son voy la al aire libre. Yo no voy en la escuela en la futuro. Yo pienso escuelas van a ser muchas diversion. Escuelas voy estan solar panels y granjas en la campus. Todos escuelas van a ser la pequeno. (click on photo for better view)


Global ice melt BJ

November 5, 2012, by

For my water class I created a poster about global ice melt. I learned about how ice melting affects certain places.

Humans Are Largely to Blame for Arctic Ice Melt – JM

November 3, 2012, by

In our Water class, we were asked to Make posters focussing on different points on Arctic Ice melt after we had finished studying Arctic Ice melt and how it is affecting the world. The purpose of this piece (for me at least) was to inform people about the effects humans have on the Arctic Ice melt. I am proud that I was able to complete this poster in the short amount of time it was assigned. I learned so much about how humans affect the rate of Arctic Ice melt (but you will have to read the poster to see how). Thanks for checking this post and check out the poster too!


Actic Ice Melt Poster

Global Ice Melt & Fossil Fuels

November 1, 2012, by

For my water class, we observed the global ice melt and its impact on the world and its population. We were ascribed to find connections between global ice melt and  MDGs, which are eight issues that most affects the world and they were chosen by the United Nation.The purpose of this was to augment our own comprehension. I learned that in the process of becoming a global citizen you need knowledge about global issues.

Global Ice Melt-KG

November 1, 2012, by

Fruchtwerg’s World, October 2008 on Flicker


For the Water course, I’ve created a digital poster  about the global ice melt. The purpose of this project was to demonstrate research and educate others. I am very proud of the final product because it’s informative and gives visual representation of the ice melt. I learned that the melting of the Arctic will have long-term affects of each season in Europe and the United States.


November 1, 2012, by

I did this project because so I can tell people can how fast the ice caps are melting. I learned that the ice caps are warming up at a really fast rate.

Global Ice Melt-MY

November 1, 2012, by

In the Water class, we did a poster that can help us understand the global ice melt. We visited the UNICEF headquarters downtown and watched a presentation about water issues around the world. It really inspired me to help and tell my friends to help. Please enjoy my poster below!

Global Ice Melt CD

November 1, 2012, by

In my water class, I had to create a poster on What is the difference between arctic and antarctic sea ice.
My favorite part was making the poster.I learned what the difference between arctic and antarctic sea ice.

Here is my poster.

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