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May 27, 2013, by, Cylinder, Cylinder

For my last action project in my street math class, I made a prezi presentation about how to find the volume of a cube and a rectangular prism. When making this presentation I had to connect this math topic with the urban planning theme for the course, atmosphere. Doing this project I learned how to find the volume of a wall column and what benefit that can be for a room. I am most proud of the Google sketch up that is in the prezi and how it connects to the course. Below is my presentation:

Table of Values

May 18, 2013, by

For my Street Math class,our first action project was to pick a math topic and see how it relates to the real world. The topic I chose was table of values. I related it to electricity and showed why it is useful for electricians. Below is my prezi presentation of it.

Math in the Real World by HM

May 13, 2013, by

For our second Action Project in Street Math, we chose a math concept that we wanted to  improve our skills on.  Once we picked our math concept, we learned more about it and related a real world issue and occupation that uses this concept as a key part of their work.  I’m proud of myself for being able to tackle this concept but also recognize and learn about how it is relevant in the real world.  Check out my slide rocket below!

Math in ComEd

May 10, 2013, by

For my first Action Project in Street Math our goal was to relate math to electricity using a real world application.  It was difficult to find an equation that could be related to the real world application of electricity. I did this project by using Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of angled streets. You can see my presentation below if you would like to learn more.