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Pythagoras Theorem!

May 13, 2013, by

For our action project in, Street math, we found a mathematical theory to apply to a real world occupation and situation. The theory I chose was the Pythagoras Theorem. I think the hardest thing for me was to try and find a real world application for the Pythagoras Theorem. One interesting thing I learned was, the Pythagoras Theorem! I hope you enjoy my slideshow below.


Bridge construction by HD

April 19, 2013, by

Our first action project in Urban Reddux was to build a bridge. My group decided to use bamboo for it’s well known strength. First we calculated the dimensions of the joints and members. With the proper calculations completed we began to construct the bridge. We used guerrilla glue and duct tape to piece together our bridge. Once it was completed we tested the durability of our bridge with books. We learned about Newton’s laws, bridge parts, stability and equations used to find out if the bridge will be stable enough. Below is a video of my bridge test and some photos of my bridge blueprints.