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The Elements of Poetry

It is said that a painting can share thousands of words and stories. In order to capture this complexity, poetry is formed as a result. The way in which a poem can be written can be teach its story through … Continue reading

Earth’s Connection

Introduction: In my poem, I felt the need to use very natural and organic words. I wanted to make an obvious connection with the human race and earth through phrases such as “connected in a delicate balance”. The focus of … Continue reading

Words for Images

The element I chose was earth. In the process of creating this poem, I was especially focused on the tonal aspect, consonants and sounds in repetition. Earth as an element has always spoken to me.           … Continue reading

Earth Translation

The purpose of this piece was to write a poem on what you saw in a painting. The painting you chose had to represent one of the four elements, earth, water, fire, and air. I chose earth as my element, … Continue reading