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Why do we use mathematical theorems in understanding the spreading of disease?

INTRODUCTION In my disease class, I researched diseases with one equation that helped me to succeed in my understanding. I looked at R=L/A, where( L) is average life span of population. (A) is average age of infection. (R) is basic reproduction number . The reason why scientists use math to help find solutions for the Read More…

Understanding diarrhea

In my disease class I was doing research about diarrhea. Please look at my presentation below. Milestone 1 on Prezi

Population Podcast

For population, I created a final podcast. The purpose of this was to figure out why do we study population? I discovered that we study population to know how much we can give to the people. It’s important to know the problems we have now and later on. I included some cool graphs below. by Read More…

Census Study

Census of the homeless View more documents from LN

Downtown Chicago Cubby Census

I did my census on the Cubs because I am curious about Cubs fans.  I figured that this would be a great opportunity to learn more about Chicago Cubs fans.  Our census consisted of seven questions for Cubs fans.  We asked people on Ohio and Clark Street to fill out our questions.  Our results are Read More…