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Why models help understand diseases?

In my disease class, we studied an equation which was R=L/A.  R is the basic reproduction number, L is  average life span of population, and A is average age of infection. A connection between the equation is as R gets smaller the number of A is increasing or the amount of L gets smaller. As Read More…

How can mathematical problems help solve the millennium goals?

Below is my report and presentation for my disease class regarding how the mathematical problem, (R=L/A) can help the United Nations millennium goals. In 2,000 the United Nations agreed to achieve eight goals in the world from killing diseases to lowering the mortality rate for kids. There are way ways to do these goals and one way Read More…

Why do we use mathematical theorems in understanding the spreading of disease?

INTRODUCTION In my disease class, I researched diseases with one equation that helped me to succeed in my understanding. I looked at R=L/A, where( L) is average life span of population. (A) is average age of infection. (R) is basic reproduction number . The reason why scientists use math to help find solutions for the Read More…

Why do we use math to model diseases?

In my disease class, we were working to discover why we use the math equation R=L/A to solve diseases. Here is my prezi presentation below to explain why.   R=L/A on Prezi

Disease Milestone 1

For my disease class, we were assigned a disease to research. My disease was V.A.P., also known as ventilator associated pneumonia. milestone 1 on Prezi

Understanding Anthrax

This was my first milestone for my math class.  This milestone is about understanding Anthrax.  You can see my presentation below Milestone 1 on Prezi

Understanding diarrhea

In my disease class I was doing research about diarrhea. Please look at my presentation below. Milestone 1 on Prezi

Understanding Tetanus

For my disease class, I looked at tetanus. Please read my presentation above. Milestone 1 on Prezi


We went to the DNA lab to talk to a scientist and learn about DNA.We were also trying to find out how DNA relates to diseases. Disease connects to DNA because some diseases are hereditary. The DNA cells in your body can tell you which diseases you are more susceptible to. While we were there, Read More…


For our disease class, we went to a DNA lab. We researched how disease is related to math. It is important for scientists to help people understand our body.What did you do? We ask the scientists many questions about DNA. I learned that DNA come from our parents and there are 100 trillion cells in Read More…