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Hand Washing Station-JP

  In many countries, people don’t have access to water to wash their hands. This causes many people to get sick and even die. In my design and engineering class, my group made a hand washing station to try to solve this issue. The materials we used were three pipes, a water container, water, tape, sticks, string, and Read More…


For disease class, we went to the DNA lab in the Field Museum. We learned that DNA mutations can cause a disease. Also, we had the opportunity to interview a scientist. Every student had questions for the scientist and I asked the following questions: How does DNA change over generations? And why? Genetic mutations is Read More…

Who is susceptible to arthritis?

For the milestone 2 project in my disease class,  I created a presentation on people who are susceptible to arthritis. I had to find out who was most likely to get this disease.