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ROBOTICS: Development of Personal Success

With my experience in the NASA-funded robotics project, I saw myself grow as a person who can feel confident about the outcomes of dedicated work. By being the team director of this project, having introduced the idea to my math/science teacher Mr. Bae, I learned the importance of commitment and planning. What I did by Read More…

Millennium Development Goals

Our Organizational Systems and Models class created a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Designing and building the robot was a goal for us, but we were also thinking about what robotics could do outside of the competition. Robots, in the long-term, could have a positive effect in the world. Considering the Millennium Development Goals Read More…

FIRST at the White House

Subject: FIRST Students Invited to Second Annual White House Science Fair FIRST will be at the White House tomorrow (Tuesday, Februrary 7) to show our robots to President Obama. FRC Team #111 from Illinois will be one of the teams in attendance.  This will occur at 8:00 am central time.