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Freedom Song Poems

I chose to include these pieces because they are more poems, and poems are good to share. Also, because I was told to do so, and I gotta fill this blog up! The connection between these poems is that they both call for sarvodaya (ghandian principle-acting for the good of all things), but in different […]

Freedom Song (MF)

I chose this piece because I love to write poems. The purpose of this piece was to talk about apartheid and also to learn about it. One similarity between the two poems you will read is that they both have something to do with our lives: both Rosa Parks and I faced challenges that have […]

Freedom Song (DC)

I chose these pieces because I love my poems. The purpose of these pieces were to be someone in history and first, to write a poem as if you where them. Then, to be yourself and write about your struggle and peaceful protest strategies. One similar thing  between the 2 poems is that Betty Friedan and I […]

LN Looking For Change

The purpose of this piece was to write a personal poem and a poem based on Myles Horton, a Civil Rights leader that I had to research, who faced segregation from 50 to 60 years ago. I chose this piece … Continue reading