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Identity Monologue

I chose Martin Luther King because he had the courage to stand up for something he believed in.  Even though everyone knew that the way blacks were being treated was wrong, he stood up to racist America and told them what he believed in.  He fought for his cause until the day he was murdered…. Read More…

Pueblos Magazine

For my spanish class, Pueblos we created a magazine.  It covers multiple topics like immigration, migration, economics, and more.  You can view my magazine from below. Open publication – Free publishing – More gce

Downtown Chicago Cubby Census

I did my census on the Cubs because I am curious about Cubs fans.  I figured that this would be a great opportunity to learn more about Chicago Cubs fans.  Our census consisted of seven questions for Cubs fans.  We asked people on Ohio and Clark Street to fill out our questions.  Our results are Read More…

JH Ventana & Podcast

Cost of War For Iraq in Chicago

This is the amount of money that just Chicago spends since 2001. This is ridiculous how we spend upwards of millions of dollars a day just for Chicago, look through this site for yourself and see your city or how much taxpayers are spending every year.