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Population Podcast

For population, I created a final podcast. The purpose of this was to figure out why do we study population? I discovered that we study population to know how much we can give to the people. It’s important to know the problems we have now and lat…

Population Milestone 4

For population, we made a script for our audio podcast. I think this piece is important because this sends a message out to people to open their eyes.


Save The Mountains – Protest Song by LN & GF

The purpose of this piece was to choose a problem that is going on now in my community and to protest this problem through a poem or a song. I chose topsoil removal and conflict minerals, because they are everything: … Continue reading

Voices of Thunder – Protest Song

My friend and I wrote this protest poem to talk about teen death in Chicago.  Some of the causes we saw for these problems are poverty, students not going to school, and gangs. In our poem we touched on all of those problems. We also talked about how the deaths are so common, that people […]


The purpose of this piece was to protest why our world is being torn apart by nation and nation, city and city, village and village, family and family… Let’s not be apart from the same blood. Let’s not make pity to our brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers. This poem also talks about Civil […]

Birth Rate in Germany

The purpose of this piece was to find the birth rate of a country. I focused on the birth rate because it effects the population growth. In our population class, we are looking at the equation Na= Ns (e)^kt. Na … Continue reading

Poster Board

Purpose:  In my population class, we are finding birth rates in different countries. I examined polar bear birth rates in Antarctica. For example, in my class we looked at an equation Na=NsE^(kt). [Na is defined as the population after.  Ns is defined as the starting population. kt is defined as the birth rate.] So we try to base our research on that […]

The Elements of Poetry

It is said that a painting can share thousands of words and stories. In order to capture this complexity, poetry is formed as a result. The way in which a poem can be written can be teach its story through … Continue reading

Earth’s Connection

Introduction: In my poem, I felt the need to use very natural and organic words. I wanted to make an obvious connection with the human race and earth through phrases such as “connected in a delicate balance”. The focus of … Continue reading

Words for Images

The element I chose was earth. In the process of creating this poem, I was especially focused on the tonal aspect, consonants and sounds in repetition. Earth as an element has always spoken to me.           … Continue reading