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My Trip to Story Telling, by MML

The following project expresses my feelings at 12 stops, on 5 CTA trains, while an EKG-like pulse measures my experiences and conveys my Vitalogies: Stories for Life. The following project connects my journey in story ( The Adventures of Shed #12) to my GCE Chicago High School Field Experience, Vitalogies class trip aboard a CTA […]

Is Judging a Crime Against Humanity?

 Sometimes, if you hear things and you’re pushed you become what people see you as; negative thoughts become a negative reality. Appearances are everything–particularly when it comes to enjoying a life without struggle. It has been my experience that people judge others mostly on their financial and social status. If they don’t know a […]

Understanding What We See, by LT

Crimes Against Humanity is a course that not only goes into the historical aspect of culture, but it also sheds light on what can be done for future societies. It is as if we are looking at problems to figure … Continue reading